Documentation for Axxon Next 4. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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This command starts the replication process.

To configure the command, perform the following:

  1. Configure on-demand replication if replication is performed from the archive (see Configuring data replication). To replicate from the on-board storage (SD card or other storage embedded in the video camera), enable the corresponding object (The Embedded Storage object).
  2. Select a video camera or a group of cameras to replicate (1).
  3. Select an archive file to which video recordings will be replicated (2).
  4. Select the replication period (3).



    Entire period

    All missing video recordings made prior to the command start time will be copied.

    Time schedule

    Select a time schedule (see Creating schedules).

    All recordings made according to the time schedule settings for the last 24 hours prior to the command start time will be copied.


    Set the replication duration in HH:MM:SS.  Video recordings from the period [start action, start action + duration] will be copied. An additional Offset parameter can be specified as needed (see 5).

    Finish after

    Select one or more end events. All video recordings between the start point (when the action starts) and the end point (when the event is received) will be copied.  Important! Replication will not start until the end event is received.

  5. Specify Offset(4), if you specified Duration for replication. Video recordings from the period [start action - offset, start action + duration - offset] will be copied.

To run replication on schedule (corresponding to Time schedule 1), configure the macro as follows:

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