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  • Configuring filters for event-driven macros

Documentation for Axxon Next 4. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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When you create event-driven macros, you  can select one or more trigger events.

You can also filter events:


The following events are available for selection:



ServerServer disconnected
Server connected
CameraRecording started
Recording stopped
Alarm initiated
Alarm being processed by user
Alarm skipped
Alarm processed
Alarm processed - Critical alarm
Alarm processed - Non-critical alarm
Alarm processed - False alarm
Signal lost
Signal restored
Detector and SensorTriggering start 
Triggering end
Triggering (for detection tools, which do not have the start and end of the triggering, see Checking the Triggering of a Detection Tool)
ArchiveArchive partition error
Archive partition restored
Time ScheduleBeginning
Event source

Description for the Event Source object, you must specify the trigger word or phrase. When it comes up in the captions, the macro starts.

For example, this filter triggers the macro when the word "Beer" appears in the captions

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