Documentation for Axxon Next 3.6.4. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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Immediately after installation or after propagation of the demo licenses in the system (see the section on Deleting the license file from the system), the software will run in demo mode. The working period of the system in demo mode is from 08:00 to 18:00.

The activation of the Axxon Next software system is needed for a full-featured security system. Activation of the software is done by the system propagation of the license file.

Information on all types of Axxon Next licenses is provided below.

Type of license

Number of servers in the system

Number of video channels per server

Archive volume

Additional features


Demo mode from 8 AM to 6 PM



Unlimited (limited only by available disk space)

Forensic Search

Information boards



Axxon Next Free Version

1 (fixed)

4 (fixed)

1 terabyte



Axxon Next



Unlimited (limited only by available disk space)

Forensic Search (as needed)

Line crossing detection

Information boards


Please contact AxxonSoft to inquire about the price

Axxon Next Free Version can be upgraded to Axxon Next. Upgrades must be purchased. Upon upgrade, you can use unlimited storage. Also, if you upgrade, you can purchase additional licenses for Forensic Search in archive and for servers and/or video cameras (see Upgrading the Axxon Next Free Version license).

In the case of an Axxon Next license, an upgrade can be obtained for increasing the number of servers and video cameras in the system or adding the Forensic Search capability (see Upgrading the Axxon Next license).


When you upgrade your license, you cannot reduce the number of video channels

Information about the type of license you are using is displayed in the server properties in the Product Type field: Axxon Next Free Version or Axxon Next.