Documentation for Axxon Next 3.6.4. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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In the Axxon Next software package, several types of detection tools process incoming data:

  1. Situation analysis detection tools
  2. Basic detection tools:
    1. Video analytics
    2. Audio analytics
  3. Detection tools embedded in a video camera (Embedded analytics):
    1. Video stream processing detection tools
    2. Detection tools which process signals from the video camera's sensor

Detection setup takes place using the interface in the Detection Tools tab (under Settings). For detection setup you must have the appropriate permissions.

The structure of the Detection Tools list consists of three levels:

  1. Video cameras
  2. Types of video camera detection tools
  3. Video camera detection tools


For a video camera and its corresponding branch to appear in the Detection Tools list, the camera must be enabled in Axxon Next

Each type of detection corresponds to a parent object:

  1. Situation Analysis
  2. Video detection tools
  3. Audio detection tools
  4. Embedded analytics
  5. Sensors

Parent objects for those detection tools which can be configured for a video camera are created automatically depending on the camera's specifications (see the device's official reference documentation). For example, an Audio Analytics object is created only when there is an audio outlet on the video camera, and an Embedded analytics object is created only when there are embedded analytics.