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Documentation for Axxon Next 3.6.4. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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Document purpose

This document, titled Quick Start Guide, is intended to be used as a concise guide for installing and starting the Axxon Next software package as well as for configuring and using its main functions (video surveillance, audio surveillance, pan/tilt/zoom devices management).

More detailed information on the Axxon Next software package is presented in the documents titled User Guide and Recommended platforms.

Purpose of the Axxon Next software package

The Axxon Next software package is an entry-level product in the Axxon product line developed by AxxonSoft. Security systems based on Axxon Next range from home security systems (for an apartment or house) to professional security systems for small and midsize businesses (hotels, automotive service centers, shops, parking structures, etc.).

Video and audio surveillance of guarded locations, video analysis and rapid response to suspicious situations without operator involvement, and storage and export of obtained data are just a few of Axxon Next's many functions.

The Axxon Next software package enables the user to accomplish a wide spectrum of tasks, as it works both with digital equipment and with analog video cameras (through Stretch cards), and also makes it possible to create a hybrid security system containing both kinds of equipment.

The Axxon Next software package supports touch-sensitive monitors.