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  • Getting the list of cameras displayed on the layout

Documentation for Axxon Next 3.6.4. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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GET http://IP-address:8888/GetCameras?layoutId=N&displayId=\\.\DISPLAY1 - getting the list of cameras from layout N of DISPLAY1 for current logged user.

Here is an example of response:






  • DisplayName - displayed camera name;
  • Id - displayed camera ID;
  • Name - camera name in configuration.


If the layout with specified id will not be found, then the query will return the list of cameras of the current layout for the specified display.


When a camera name in configuration is in use (see Adding and removing cameras), all backslashes are to be removed.

Example: "hosts/SERVERNAME/DeviceIpint.0/"

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