Documentation for Axxon Next 3.6.4. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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GET http://IP-Address:8000/asip-api/archive/events/detectors/VIDEOSOURCEID/ENDTIME/BEGINTIME?limit=COUNT&offset=COUNT – gets the list of detection tool events.


At request the limit parameter is applied to all Servers in Axxon domain. For instance, if limit is 100 and there are 10 Servers in Axxon domain, then 1000 entries will be retrieved (if any).

Maximum parameter value is 1000. If limit is not specified, it is equal to 100. 

Field timestamp is not unique so passing of previously received alarms starting from the search interval can be requested.

Sample response:

"id": "433d45ec-0b7f-aa43-8491-c8acb7d0ac56"
,"source": "hosts/SERVER1/SituationDetector.0"
,"origin": "hosts/SERVER1/DeviceIpint.0/"
,"detectorId": "1"
,"type": "CrossOneLine"
,"alertState": "ended"
,"timestamp": "20120314T121512.597"
"index": "1"
,"left": "0.622086710929871"
,"top": "0.68798337459564196"
,"right": "0.65736908435821495"
,"bottom": "0.79889315128326399"
"more": true

In thhis response the VIDEOSOURCEID can be:

– as usual, consisting of three components, e.g. - "HOST/DeviceIpint.2/EventSupplier.ray0:0";

– host name to receive events from it;

– empty, i.e. be missing to receive all domain events.

Sample response:

http://IP-Address:8000/asip-api/archive/events/detectors/HOST/DeviceIpint.2/EventSupplier.ray0:0/past/future?limit=10&offset=0 - gets sensor events sorted descending. Maximum number is 10.

http://IP-Address:8000/asip-api/archive/events/detectors/HOST/past/future?limit=5&offset=0 - gets events of all detection tools created on the HOST machine. Maximum number by every detection is 5.

http://IP-Address:8000/asip-api/archive/events/detectors/HOST/past/future?limit=5&offset=0&type=Ray - gets events of all sensors created on the HOST machine. Maximum number by every sensor is 5.

http://IP-Address:8000/asip-api/archive/events/detectors/past/future?limit=1&type=Ray - gets the current state of all domain sensors.

Available values of type parameter:

- SceneChange;

- QualityDegraded;

- Disconnected;

- MotionDetected;

- AudioNull;

- AudioNoise;

- AudioSignal;

- Ray;

- CrossOneLine;

- ComeInZone;

- LostObject;

- OutOfZone;

- LongInZone;

- MoveInZone;

- StopInZone.

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