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Documentation for Face Intellect 8.0. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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New Features and Improvements

Face Recognition modules

  1. Updated Tevian SDK to version 2.12.1. Improved accuracy and speed of operation, added an option to run on a GPU, and more mask types 
  2. Updated VisionLabs SDK to version 4.2.0. GPU is now supported. Added recognition of gender, age, emotions, glasses and masks 
  3. Updated STC SDK to version 4.6.1. Added progressive profile, kamaz, dataset cleaner 
  4. You can now switch between different instances of Tevian SDK (if you have more than one installed). Biometric templates will be re-created after each switching between SDK versions 

Interface improvements

  1. When you select a captured or recognized face for export in printable format, a set of available options is displayed 
  2. Face characteristics filtering is now unified across all tabs of the "Face recognition and search" interface object 
  3. In reference face database, you can now filter faces by several fields simultaneously (first name, last name, patronymic and text comment) 
  4. Revised "Face recognition and search" interface object's settings panel. Added an option to color-code faces by department, and set arbitrary color and header caption for alarm pop-up window 
  5. Added the ability to search for faces which were in contact with the required face during the archive search 

New configuration capabilities:

  1. Face Recognition Server is now interoperable with thermal vision cameras (with integrated thermal module). A temperature value is now treated as an additional face characteristic 
  2. Photos can now be received directly from the thermal camera, with no need of face capture 
  3. When debugging mode is enabled, a log file firserver.thermal_imager.log is now created, which contains all information received from the thermal camera 
  4. You can now select between two sources of mask detection events: Face characteristics recognition channel, or Face Recognition Server 
  5. Face Recognition Server now can save only recognized faces 
  6. Each interface object Face recognition and search is now created in a separate process 

Programming, configuration file, registry key and API functions

  1. The GetProtocols query for recognized faces now includes a "personid" field from the "obj_person" table 
  2. For the CreatePerson request, additional Intellect user fields can now be sent in the intellects_params parameter 
  3. Some events now include a "temperature" field in which thermal vision camera's most recent measurement result is stored (for example, IDENTIFY_ACCEPT) 
  4. Added a TEMPERATURE_ALARM which is generated upon exceeding the pre-specified temperature threshold in thermographic measurements 
  5. Added the FACE_TEMPERATURE_SYNC_PROBLEM event which is generated if current time of the Server and the thermal camera differs by more than 10 minutes 
  7. FIND_PERSON and PERSON_NOT_FOUND events now include eye_closed and eye_not_closed parameters 
  8. Added the database_error event, which occurs when the connection with the Fir database is lost 
  9. The FaceRecognitionTool utility now works from the command line 
  10. The FaceRecognitionTool utility now exports facial images to department-specific folders Apart from images, the folder includes a json file where full name, department and text comments are stored. For facial images related to Intellect PSIM users, the file also includes "Antipassback" and "Position" parameters 
  11. Added the registry key: 
    • Tevian.EyesClosedDetectorThreshold allows to set sensitivity for eyes closed detection in the Tevian face recognition module
    • GenerateEyesClosedEvent enables generation of "Eyes Closed" events with the Tevian face recognition module
    • SaveThermalJson allows you to record a frame and a json file from thermal cameras to the folder
    • ResizeWidth allows you to set the required width of the video image sent to the face recognition module SDK
    • IsProcessObject allows you to run each Face Recognition Server system object in a separate process
    • ForceProcessWholeImage enables the face search throughout the entire frame if a face was not previously recognized due to incorrect coordinates of the face frame received from the thermal camera.

Other features

  • "Delete faces from local database" checkbox is now removed from the "Face database replication" module settings panel 
  • When uninstalling Face Intellect software, you can select the "Yes, I want to remove face database" check box. This will now delete the folder where captured/recognized images and vector templates are stored 
  • The Face recognition and search interface object is now available on the x64 platform 

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a face filtering bug, due to which all faces were filtered if no filters were specified
  2. Fixed a bug due to which the similarity parameter of a face that was captured or imported from an external database differed from the value specified upon adding the face to the face database
  3. Fixed an erratic face filtering by face concealment and/or with eyeglasses
  4. Windows 10, version 2004 does not crash anymore during the Face Intellect software installation
  5. Fixed an error that occurred upon adding a new face to the face database if the previous face was deleted when Face Recognition Server process (FirServer.run) was not running
  6. Fixed a bug due to which face recognition stopped after some time in operation
  7. Fixed a bug due to which deleted faces were restored if the face database replication was on
  8. Corrected an UI error which occurred when you uninstall the Face Intellect software, and then exit the Intellect PSIM
  9. Fixed a Face Intellect software silent mode installation error
  10. For faces added from a folder, auto filling name/department and navigation between faces now work correctly
  11. Fixed a face database replication bug which occurred with an empty DB
  12. Names in traditional Chinese spelling are now added correctly to the face database
  13. Fixed a bug due to which the path to MS SQL Server was not set correctly when installing Face Intellect
  14. Fixed a bug that caused the port of the Face Recognition Server to not change after restarting Intellect
  15. Removed references to the unused FaceRecognition database from the distribution kit
  16. Fixed a bug due to which the face search did not work in a distributed configuration if some of the Servers were offline
  17. Fixed a bug that launched the reindexing process, if the "Apply" button was clicked on the Camera settings panel without any changes
  18. Fixed a reports generation bug in the "Face Recognition and Search" interface object
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