Documentation for Face Intellect 7.2. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The purpose and structure of the Guide

This Guide is an informational reference designed for users of the Face Intellect software package with "Operator" access rights.

The Guide contains the following material:

  1. General description of the Face Intellect software package;
  2. Face Intellect software operation;
  3. Description of the Face Intellect user interface.

Purpose of Face Intellect software

Face Intellect software is designed for automated identification of people by comparing a captured  face in a surveillance video frame with reference images for which a Face Recognition Database contains information.
Face Intellect software provides the following functional capabilities:

  1. recognizes human faces in a video frame;
  2. registers facial biometric parameters;
  3. compares a captured face displayed in a video frame with reference images stored within the "<Face Intellect installation directory\Bmp\person>" folder based on biometric parameters;
  4. maintains a database of recognized faces;
  5. creates a photo- and video archive;
  6. searches for faces in the database using a photo.

Recommendations for using the Face Intellect software package

Face Intellect software is installed as an extension to the Intellect software package.
The following is recommended for correct application of Face Intellect software:

  1. carefully follow the instructions;
  2. use the Software only for its intended purpose;
  3. do not use third party software on computers installed with Face Intellect unless the software is a component of the Face Intellect software package.