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Documentation for Face Intellect 7.1. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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New features and improvements

  1. Updated SDK Tevian (1.12.4) and VisionLabs (2.5.9). The stability and quality of face capture and recognition is improved.

    After the product is updated, the biometric vectors of the people in the database must be generated again.

    If you update Face Intellect from version 7.0 to 7.1, we recommend that you set the "Minimum quality for face recognition" at 60 in the Tevian facial recognition settings.

  2. A 64-bit version was added for the Cognitec recognition engine.
  3. Implemented face capture with VisionLabs engine.
  4. Developed RESTful API to work with Face Intellect through the web.
  5. Implemented automatic import of the department name from the person's photo filename.
  6. Fuzzy match in % for recognized persons added to the facial recognition and search GUI.
  7. Added the “Maximum performance” setting, which allows to improve the quality of capture and recognition of faces by using all available CPU cores and RAM.
  8. A new setting has been added — the minimum face quality to add to the database. This allows you to keep poor-quality photos out of the database.
  9. By default, the images and face biometrics (vectors) for captured faces are stored as files, not in the database. In the installer we added the option to change the destination folder of these files.
  10. The statistics window now shows more info, including time of server start, which allows you to track how long the system works without restarting.
  11. The old version of Face Monitor removed from the user interface. We kept the new version as featured in Face Intellect 7.0.

Bug fixes

  1. Stability was improved for face search in recorded video.
  2. The recognition engine is now starting with large face DBs 10 to 15 times faster.
  3. Displaying the results of recognition for live video in multi-camera systems is faster.
  4. Improved stability when you add people to the database from recorded video.
  5. Added monitor selector button for facial recognition and search GUI.
  6. Face DB editing is now enabled by default.
  7. An issue has been resolved that led to boxes remain in the FoV while people left.
  8. Fixed the issue with firserver.run using up all available RAM. Fixed the occasional module failures. Optimized overall performance.
  9. The Follow parameter in Face Recognition and Search is renamed to Follow New Faces. Fixed the issue caused by deselecting the checkbox.
  10. Fixed the bug with adding a face to the database and accessing the face DB.

Compatibility and resources

This version is intended for use with Intellect 4.10.3.

For information about compatibility of Face Intellect with Intellect versions, refer here.

For documentation, please visit the product documentation portal.

Download the Face Intellect 7.1 installer here.

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