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Documentation for Face Intellect 7.1. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Population is a set of faces in the database where the search is performed.

Reference image is a "black list" image all faces detected in the video are compared to.

Captured face is a face detected in the video.

Recognized face is a face similar enough to one of the reference images.

Vector is a mathematical representation of face that is created while its recognition in video frame.

Face search is a process of searching faces in the archive by the photo of the face. Use the Face recognition and search interface object to control face search.

Face recognition is a process of comparing captured faces with reference images in the online mode in order to find hit. If hit is found, the result is immediately displayed in the Face recognition and search interface object.

Face verification is a process of comparing captured face in the video with reference image by command. For this mode to operate the Event Manager (part of ACFA Intellect) module is to be installed.


General scenario of use: when the user brings the access card to the reader, the reference image corresponding to this access card is displayed on the operator monitor and the process of comparing this reference image with captured face starts.