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Documentation for Face Intellect 7.1. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Structure of the Face Intellect software package

Face Intellect software includes the base version of the Intellect software package and additional software modules that directly perform face recognition functions.

Face Intellect includes the following software modules:

  1. Face Detection system object;
  2. Face Recognition Server system object;
  3. Face recognition and search interface object.

Face search modules

The following face search module is integrated into Face Intellect software package: Cognitec 8.8 (vendor - Cognitec), Tevian 1.8.1 (vendor - Recognition Technologies) and VisionLabs.

Face Detection software module functionality

The Face Detection software module is designed to perform face detection functions in video frames.

Face Recognition Server module functionality

The Face Recognition Server software module is designed to perform the following functions:

  1. record a frame displaying a captured face;
  2. register biometric parameters of a captured face;
  3. recognize captured faces;
  4. maintain a reference face database used for face recognition;
  5. provide analytical data (including special reports generation in the Intellect Web Report System);
  6. count number of passes.

Face recognition and search program module functionality

The Face recognition and search module is designed to perform the following functions::

  1. Face search by image captured from video camera;
  2. Face search by image loaded from a file;
  3. Monitoring of captured faces in real-time mode.
  4. Exportinf the search results to the report file in pdf format.