Documentation for Face Intellect 6.1. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Vector is a mathematical representation of face that is created while its recognition in video frame.

Population is a set of faces in the database where there is a search.

Reference image is a "black list" image, located in the <Face-Intellect installation directory> \ Bmp \ Person, and also a vector corresponding to it and stored in the database.

Captured (detected) face is a face which was detected on a video. Photos of detected faces are stored in the video archive folder as files with extension 0._C38D


If the Face Search Server is in use, the vectors of captured faces are stored in the FaceRecognition internal database of the Face-Intellect.

If the Face Recognition Server is in use, the vectors of captured faces are stored in the Fir internal database of the Face-Intellect.

Recognized face is a face similar enough to one of the reference images. Vectors and photos of recognized faces are stored in database.

Identification – a mode when the face analysis from detector is performed continuously after entering the face to database. If there is a coincidence with database, the result will be displayed in the Face monitor interface object (or in the Recognized faces monitor interface object).

Verification – a mode of face search in the image in the stream from camera by command. The image name from the Intellect\Bmp\Person folder without resolution, camera ID from which checking will start and parameter of waiting a face appearance in the camera in seconds will be sent to parameters.