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  • General structure of a video surveillance system based on Face Intellect software

Documentation for Face Intellect 6.0. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Simultaneous operation of the Face Recognition Server and the Face Search Server on the one computer is not provided in the Face Intellect software package. If it is necessary to have simultaneously working Face Recognition Server and Face Search Server, use two different computers in a distributed system

So, the standard structure of a digital video surveillance system based on Face Intellect software is displayed in figures.

Standard configuration of the Face Intellect software package in a distributed network:

The Face detection module processes video recieved from the video camera and performs faces recognition if the frame of video image. Photo of detected face will be saved if the face recognition server is not selected as external capture in settings of the Face detection module. Biometriс vector (FIR) will be formed by server while sending photo to the face recognition server. If the face recognition server was selected as external capture then the Cognitec module is used for face detection. In such case FIR will be formed by the face detection. Recognition of detected faces, search faces in the database, recording to the database will be performed by received biometric vectors. As result, detected faces will be displayed in the monitoring workplace or web-client.

If a lot of cameras are in use, it is recommended to divide them into several face detections and one face recognition server connected with the main recognition server (comparison server). In such case biometric vectors of standard images will be generated on video servers and record to the comparison server.

Features of construction of face recognition and search systems are described in more details in section “Features of the Cognitec 8.8 module licensing and operation”

Standard configuration of the Face Intellect software package in a distributed network:

Figure of searching detected face in the archive is performed as follows:


The corresponding photo is passed from the workplace to the face search server for search detected face in the archive and then server convert it to the biometric vector. Resulting biometric vector is compared with vectors storing in the detected faces database. The search result is sent to the Web access to face search.