Documentation for Detector Pack 2.5. Documentation for other versions of Axxon Next is available too.

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New features and improvements

  1. Integrated the Sweethearting tool for preventing merchandise theft at the cash register (check-out).
  2. A 64-bit version was added for the Stopped Vehicle detection tool.
  3. A new event was added for the Stopped Vehicle detection tool STOPPED_CAR_DETECTOR|STOPPEDCAR_LOST, which is triggered by car moving after stop was detected.
  4. The Stopped Vehicle detection tool has a new capability — create multiple detection zones. Detection in each zone generates a separate event.
  5. Improved quality of the Smoke detection tool.
  6. CPU consumption was optimized for Fire and Smoke detection tools.
  7. A separate event has been added for smoke detection. There used to be one event generated in case of fire or smoke detection.
  8. The Queue Length detection tool now generates a special event when the specified number of people in the queue is exceeded.

Compatibility and resources

This version is intended for use with Intellect 4.10.3.

For information about compatibility of Intellect Detector Pack with Intellect versions, refer here.

For documentation, please visit the product documentation portal.

Download the Intellect Detector Pack 2.5 installer here.

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