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Documentation for Axxonsoft Platform Calculator. Documentation for other products available here.

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Purpose of the document

This document is useful for sales managers as well as for CCTV engineers designing Axxon Next- and Axxon Intellect-based security systems. The document contains the information about:

  1. The purpose of Axxonsoft Platform Calculator.
  2. How to work with Axxonsoft Platform Calculator.

General information 

Axxonsoft Platform Calculator can be found at https://sale.axxonsoft.com/calc/calculator.jsf

The platform calculator allows determining information by the input data (the number of cameras, area of application, archive requirements, detection tools, etc.):

  1. Available platforms, the number of servers and average load. The platform means the processor model or IPDROM solutions (IPDROM solution cannot be calculated in English version of the Platform calculator).


    The tests were conducted on platforms configured according to the Axxon Next and Intellect documentation requirements and with Hyper-threading disabled for dual-processor systems.

    The results of hardware platform calculation can change – hardware configuration can both increase and decrease depending on the camera model, camera settings and exposure of the image. Extra objects can increase the hardware configuration.

  2. Archive size.


    Disk space data is for information only. The Vendor’s calculator is used for more accurate calculation, see Archive parameters.

  3. Summary stream from IP devices, output and record streams.

  4. Number of cameras that can be displayed on one layout of the Client.

Disk space and server load data are for information and planning purposes only.

The platform calculator allows calculating parameters both for systems where IP devices are in use and for systems where analog cameras are in use as well as for hybrid systems.

Platforms calculator also allows you to calculate a platform for CARMEN LP recognition engine. The following parameters are calculated based on the input data (location and number of cameras, type of recognition engine, country issued the license plates):

  1. Available platforms.
  2. Number of Servers.
  3. Available resolutions of the part of the frame used for recognition.
  4. Number of recognition channels required to be purchased.

General information about how to choose platform for Axxon Next and Intellect

Here is the procedure of choosing the platform:

  1. Set the purpose of the stream (displaying, recording and archive).
  2. Calculate the number of Servers taking into account the limitations imposed by detection tools.
  3. Calculate the total load for each type of the stream.
  4. Calculate the number of Servers taking into account the calculated total load and set maximum CPU load.
  5. Total Servers in the system is calculated as maximum of Servers with limitations by detection tools and Servers with total load.
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