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Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.6. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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New Features and Enhancements

  • Newly integrated a RoadAR ANPR engine (plate recognizer) which operates in fast or slow mode, and outputs vehicle's type, make and model
  • Newly integrated a Bioiris ANPR engine (plate recognizer)
  • Newly integrated a Taiwan ANPR engine (plate recognizer) 

ARH Freight Cars

  • You can now specify recognition area in LPR channel settings
  • Introduced a license plate recognition upon request

Other improvements:

  1. In ARH-Containers’ and ARH-Carriages’ LPR channel settings, "Undefined" direction is now set by default
  2. In LPR channel settings, introduced a checkbox which indicates entry or exit lane for the "is_entry" database field
  3. Updated the list of supported countries for the CARMEN-Auto plate recognizer
  4. "Delay of showing results" and "Recognition number threshold" fields are now available only if you select the "Show results before vehicle leave" flag
  5. Default display mode for event footage is the source, encoded video
  6. Lprex, dt, traffic_db DBs now include coordinates, height above ground and tilt angle of cameras added to the Map with geo-tagging
  7. The additional window that shows the vehicle image now has a Picture-in- Picture image of the recognized license plate
  8. Implemented a search "With acceptable number of errors" in vehicle, alarms/external number plates database 
  9. LPR IntelliVision plate recognizer SDK is updated
  10. Updated key generator for IntelliVision vehicle detection
  11. You can now transcode Latin characters to Cyrillic
  12. ARH-Containers and ARH-Carriages modules can now operate simultaneously
  13. Updated VIT licensing apps, added Windows 10, version 2004 support
  14. Added the ability to select the method of the vehicle direction calculating when setting up the LPR channel: by license plate position, license plate area, or from SDK
  15. Updated Intellivision SDK: added support for Wyoming LPs
  16. The decimation setting has been added to the vehicle type recognition module, which allows you to limit the number of frames fed to the neural network
  17. Added plateImage field containing the cut license plate image to the message sent from the LPR Channel via 355555 port

Bug Fixes

  1. Eliminated a problem with wrong numbering of Traffic Monitor lanes in the database 
  2. Corrected minor bugs in Traffic Monitor's log
  3. Fixed a rare bug that made Traffic Monitor crash
  4. Fixed an error that led to numbers recognition on multiple cameras when a new camera of recognition upon request is selected
  5. Fixed a bug that led to erratic cropping of an image selected for neural network analysis in Vehicle Type Recognition module
  6. Photo enforcement device ID is now correctly superimposed on recognized number's image
  7. Network load now drops down when you stop recorded footage playback in Vehicle Tracer module
  8. The Auto Intellect installation issue with the path to the MS SQL Server is now fixed
  9. No FPS dropdowns now occur on servers with Xeon CPU and VIT plate recognition module
  10. On-line monitor now receives remote recognition' data
  11. Fixed a bug that led to incorrect recognition time stamping in exported PDF files
  12. CARMEN-Auto module now correctly displays Nepalean vehicle numbers
  13. Fixed a bug prevented font size saving in Vehicle tracer settings
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