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Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.5. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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General information on the VIT module licensing

The VIT module licensing in the Auto Intellect software is performed by processed video channels and countries/regions. A region is a set of countries.

There are two license types for VIT program module:

  1. Slow;
  2. Fast.


See The VIT module functionality for more details.

Slow or Fast license types can be represented as follows:

  1. Hardware security key (Hasp, purchased separately). The key can be remotely updated when it is required (to expand the permanent key or convert demo key to the permanent key).
  2. Software license key. This key is binded to computer hardware (see below).

There can be several keys with Slow and/or Fast license types on one Server. In this case, the number of channels of all keys is summed within the license type (Slow channels are summed separately from the Fast channels).

If there is a single key with several licenses on the Server, then in this case, the license with the biggest product of the channels number and the recognition frame rate is used. For example: the key includes 2 licenses, the first is a Slow license for 10 channels (10 channels * 6 fps), the second is a Fast license for 2 channels (2 channels * 25 fps). In this case the Slow license for 10 channels will be used, because 60 is more than 50.

How to activate a software demo key for the VIT module

It's possible to use the VIT program module in demo mode. License plates recognition of all available countries is permitted in demo mode on 4 Fast channels or 4 Slow channels. Demo mode is active for 60 days since the software key activation.


VIT module demo mode usage on virtual machines is not allowed.

Activation of demo-mode is performed as follows:

  1. Download installation package: Fast; Slow.
  2. Start the command line under the authority of system administrator.
  3. Execute SDK_4hi_60d_WORLD_7.100.exe -i -fi -fss command (for the Fast demo license) or SDK_4lo_60d_WORLD_7.100.exe -i -fi -fss (for the Slow demo license).


In the case of errors reffer to the VIT documentation.

Demo licensing is activated.

How to activate a software license key for the VIT module

In order to receive the software license key for the VIT module, proceed as follows:

  1. Download the utilities by the links below:
    1. haspdinst_EOAWT.exe
    2. hasp_RUS.exe
  2. In the Windows command line, execute the following two commands one after another to install the protection key driver:

    haspdinst_EOAWT.exe -fr -purge
    haspdinst_EOAWT.exe -i -fi -fss


    Make sure that the current directory in the command line is similar to the one where the haspdinst_EOAWT.exe file is located.

  3. Wait for the installation completion.
  4. Click OK in the dialog box to confirm installation is completed.
  5. Check installation correctness by opening the page in the web browser.
  6. Run the hasp_RUS.exe file to start the Remote Update System. The RUS dialog box opens.


    The RUS abbreviation stands for Remote Update System.

  7. Set the Collect information from this computer to enable: switch into the Installation of new protection key position in case if license for a "clean computer" is needed, i.e. if there is no demo license on it, or to the Update of existing protection key position, if demo license is already in use (1).
  8. Click Collect information.
  9. Save the file with .c2v extension to any folder.
  10. Close the hasp_RUS.exe tool.
  11. Hand the .c2v file to your AxxonSoft manager.
  12. Receive the license file with .v2c extension from your AxxonSoft manager.
  13. Run the hasp_RUS.exe tool and go to the Apply License File tab (1).
  14. Specify location of the license file in the Update File field using the ... button (2).
  15. Click Apply Update (3).

Receiving the software license key for the VIT module is now completed.