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Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.5. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The VIT software module supports the following functionality:

  1. Recognizing the license plates.
  2. Saving the recognized number to the plates detector database.
  3. Determining and logging the speed of the recognized vehicle to the plates database (by video or using the Radar module).
  4. Check the recognized plates of vehicles via connected search database.
  5. Possibility to work with multilane driveway (recognizing of vehicle plates in one frame is not more than 10).
  6. Identification of extended list of license plates types: all types of Russian license plates, all CIS countries and Baltic States, countries of Europe, Latin America and The USA. Worked out the main types of single-line plates of different countries, for each both civil and specialized (diplomatic, transit, military etc.). The full list of countries is given on the manufacturer's site.


    Missing countries can be added into the recognition module if necessary. For that, contact your AxxonSoft manager and provide him or her a video recording with license plates of the required country. The final decision on adding a country to the module is made by the module manufacturer.

  7. Possibility to change the quality level of vehicle plates recognizing.


    The LP number recognition accuracy depends on the quantity of symbols on the LP — more symbols means better accuracy.

  8. Saving the frames of the recognized plates to bmp, jpeg and avi formats.

The VIT software module can work in one of the following modes:

  1. Slow — the module processes the video stream with the speed of up to 6 fps and recognizes license plates of vehicles moving with speed not more than 20 km/h.


    In the Slow mode, the recognition module does not decimate frames queue. The first frames per second (up to 6) are used for recognition while the remaining frames till end of the second are missed. Thus, at the video stream speed of more than 6 fps the information is supplied to the recognizer "in fragments".

    In this case it is necessary to adjust the frames decimation on the camera.

  2. Fast – the module processes the video stream with the speed of up to 25 fps and recognizes license plates of vehicles moving with speed till 150 km/h.