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Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.5. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The CARMEN-Auto software module supports the following functionality:

  1. License plates identification;
  2. Saving the identified number to the plates detector database;
  3. Identification and logging the determined speed of the vehicle to the plates database (by video or using the Radar module).


    The CARMEN-Auto software module also supports the parking mode, which is enabled using the ParkingMode registry key (for details, see Registry keys reference guide, for more information about working with the registry, see Working with Windows OS registry).

By default, the recognition of all Latin license plate characters is used (for example, corresponding to countries such as Argentina, India, Africa and Singapore), although the country recognition function is not used.

To add additional recognition engines, download them from the AxxonSoft website and install them using the EngineManager utility. Procedure of installing recognition engines using the EngineManager utility is described in the engine_install_windows.txt file located in the folder with corresponding recognition engine.

The full list of supported countries for CARMEN-Auto module and the personal settings for license plates recognition are available on request to technical support of the module manufacturer (AHR).

The missing countries can be added into the recognition module if necessary. For that, contact your AxxonSoft manager and provide him or her a video recording with license plates of the required country. The final decision on adding a country to the module is made by the module manufacturer.