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Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.5. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Setting up the CARMEN-Auto program module is performed in the following way:

  1. Go to the CARMEN Module object settings panel, which is created on the basis of the LPR Channel object.
  2. Enter the value of minimal validity of recognition in percent in the Minimum validity of LP type recognition field (1). Validity is defined by the degree of similarity between results of recognition and the LP template and it allows distinguishing the LP from other marks on the vehicle.


    The validity is displayed in the List of parameters of the Active monitor box.

  3. In the LP delimiter field enter symbols which will separate LP symbols from region symbols. Maximum number of delimiter symbols – 2. If recognized license plate is to be written without any delimiters, leave the LP delimiter field empty (2). 
  4. In the Recognition frame rate field (3), enter the number of frames per second that will be processed by the recognizer.
  5. Click Apply to save the changes (4).

Setting up the CARMEN-Auto program module is completed.

For the best quality of recognition consider the following characteristic while the CARMEN-Auto configuring:

  1. The less resolution the higher quality of recognition. It ie recommended to use the following resolution: 320x240 - 800x600px. It is highly recommended not to use resolution more than 1.2 Mpx.
  2. It is recommended to specify the search area. It results in decreasing of factual resolution which go to the entry on recognizer. The less area the less resolution and consequently the higher quality of recognizing.
  3. It is recommended to use recognition by trigger command (motion detection, the Parking mode) instead of permanent recognition. If a lot of recognizers are to be configured on the one server, use the Parking mode. Detailed information about Parking mode is presented in the Scripts used in the Auto-Intellect software package section.
  4. The less recognizers are created on the one computer the higher speed of video processing because the speed of video processing is shares between all created recognizers. Low speed of processing results in plate recognition delay and bad quality of recognition.
    Here's approximate data of speed of video processing:
    For the Common characters template:


    For other templates:



    These data can differ decreasingly of frequency of processed frames at different lighting conditions, on different processors etc.