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Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.5. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Setting up the AUTO-Uragan program module is done in the following way:

  1. Go to the AUTO-Uragan module object settings panel, which is created on the basis of the LPR channel object.
  2. In the Sensitivity of vehicle detection (1-255) field (1) enter the sensitivity value which characterizes the motion detector's sensitivity by the contrast of video image. While recognizing the AUTO-Uragan module defines the vehicle dimensions. The lower value, the more detector sensitivity. The Sensitivity of vehicle detection parameter value is matched by testing the detector on false triggering.
  3. In the Car position in frame, % field (2) enter the value in percent, showing the position of car in displayed frame. This adjustment is relevant only for those cars which plates have not been recognized. If the plate has not been recognized, the module gives as a result the frame located at the specified distance from the frame with first car appearance.


    The moment of car appearance in the frame like as 0% and the moment of car disappearance in the frame like as 100%.

  4. Set the Full interval between cars checkbox (3) in case if the recognizer is to be in a waiting state with motion absence in the whole frame. This adjustment can improve the quality of long vehicles recognizing in the frame (e.g. trucks).
  5. Set the Recognize license plates only in areas where motion is detected checkbox (4) to increase the recognizing speed on mega-pixels video cameras.
  6. Enter the value of minimal validity of recognition in percent in the Minimum validity of LP recognition (60-100%) field (5). Validity is defined by the degree of similarity between results of recognition and the LP template and it allows distinguishing the LP from other marks on the vehicle.


    The validity is displayed in the List of parameters of the Active monitor box.

  7. Set the Obscured LPs checkbox (6) to increase the quality of recognition the vehicles with obscured plates.
  8. The non-editable Number of lanes in camera field of view field (8) displays the number of lanes captured by the AUTO-Uragan module.
  9. Set the Skip unrecognized LPs checkbox (7) if it is necessary to ignore unrecognized numbers.
  10. Set the Allow checkbox (9) to enable the possibility to recognize the two-line LPs.
  11. Set the maximum width and height of area where the search of LPs is performed (is set in percent of the full frame) (10). Click the  button to set these parameters. In the Two-line LPs opened box click the Stop video button when the appropriate frame is appeared and select the area with the required size.

    Click OK and the specified area parameters will be automatically entered in the Maximum width and Maximum height fields.
  12. Set the minimal area width and height where the search of LP is performed (is set in percent of the fulll frame) by analogy with the Maximum width and Maximum height parameters – see item 10 (11).
  13. In the Current version field (12), select the SDK version of the AUTO-Uragan module.


    You can also change the SDK version using the batch files (see Changing the SDK version using batch files).


    After changing the SDK version, it is necessary to restart Auto Intellect to apply the changes.

  14. Set the Parallel checkbox (13), if it is necessary to recognize a LP number simultaneously on several processors using parallel computing, which improves the performance of the AUTO-Uragan module.

  15. In the Number of CPUs field (14), specify the number of processors which will be used for the parallel computing, if the Parallel checkbox is set.


    Processors are physical and logical cores available on the Server. For example, if there are 8 cores available on the Server, and the Number of CPUs field value is set to 4, then only the cores from 1 to 4 will be involved in the LP numbers recognition.

  16. The typical minimum size and the typical maximum size of plates recognized by Auto-Uragan program module will be correspondingly displayed in the Typical minimum size and Typical maximum size non-edited fields (15).


    Typical minimum size and Typical maximum size fields are not displayed if there are no recognized LPs.


    Typical minimum size and Typical maximum size fields are displayed only if the Debug 1-Debug 4 mode is enabled. The debug mode is described in the Intellect software package.Administrator's Guide document.

  17. Click Apply to save the changes (16).


    The parameters Current versionParallel, and Number of CPUs will be applied to all activated AUTO-Uragan software modules in Auto-Intellect.

Setting up the AUTO-Uragan program module is completed.