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Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.5. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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New Features and Enhancements


  1. Integrated the IntLab container number recognition engine 
  2. IntLab now offers use of all SDKs in parallel (freight carriages, passenger carriages, international numbering and containers).
  3. IntLab is now capable of verifying checksums for recognized carriage numbers 
  4. IntLab now includes an updated tool for manual settings creation via JSON files. Now you can adjust settings for both master and auxiliary channels.
  5. IntLab now includes a new frame display engine for better visibility of license plates. The engine can be engaged with the Intlab.BestFrame registry key 
  6. IntLab is now based on updated recognition logic. Recognition now starts and stops with a macro. The macro can be linked to any events 


  1. Updated the AutoUragan LPR module to the version 3.7: added new national formats and templates, increased operational stability 
  2. SDK versions are now selectable (3.5 or 3.7) 
  3. In AutoUragan, introduced separate configurators of active templates for SDK v.3.5 and 3.7.
  4. "Parallel" and "Number of CPUs" settings are now common for all recognition channels. If you change settings for a particular channel, they are automatically applied to all channels 


  1. The VIT ANPR recognition module is updated to version 2.7.2: added new national formats and templates, increased recognition quality and stability; the GUI now includes tools for fine-tuning the module 
  2. The VIT module now includes an option to set an arbitrary polygonal detection area over a camera image 
  3. VIT ANPR now offers an option to set templates for ignored numbers as regular expressions 
  4. For VIT, the VIT.TimeoutLostNumber key is added. If the key is active, Number Lost event is generated each time a vehicle exits the recognition area. This key sets a time interval (in ms) after which the system checks for the presence of the number within the area 
  5. The PATH environment variable now does not require adding the full path to the VIT module.


  1. CARMEN ANPR now supports searches for license plate numbers containing spaces 
  2. If the CARMEN ANPR module is in Parking mode (ParkingMode = 1), the ‘Enable on motion detection trigger’ setting is always active 

General improvements:

  1. LPR Server is now called LPR Channel 
  2. ARH-Containers module now includes timeout setting which allows specifying time period for displaying recognition results for slower trains. Increased cargo containers recognition quality in the CARMEN module 
  3. CARMEN rail car recognition now has a configurable Recognition frame rate  parameter (in fps) 
  4. Updated the IntelliVision LPR module. Added support for new national license plate formats and GPU, increased overall recognition quality 
  5. Basic virtual loop is now replaced with IntelliVision virtual loop (extra license required) 
  6. Search by numbers now includes a Direction Not detected filter 
  7. Recognition reports now may include license plate categories (taxi, police, military, etc.) 
  8. For carriage recognition channels, you can now save still frames from an auxiliary camera. You may include such a still frame in a recognition report 
  9. The recognition on request now includes an option to set the required recognition priority: maximum pixel dimensions, maximum reliability, or national identity  
  10. To reduce database access time and increase stability, number plate images now can be stored in a dedicated folder on an HDD (with the LprDB.Use registry key) 
  11. The installer package now offers an option to specify a destination folder in which to store number plate images 
  12. For countries with no vehicle area codes, Online Monitor now allows disabling area code display 
  13. During recognition, Online Monitor is now capable of displaying fields from external database 
  14. On recognition of Hazardous Cargo plates, Online Monitor displays category and composition of the freight 
  15. Event Viewer now displays Arabic numbers in one line with extended interval between characters 
  16. Unrecognized numbers now can be sent via the recognized numbers export function (ports 55555 and 35555). The numbers are sent along with their recognition reliability data 
  17. In the absence of alarms, Online Monitor hides the Alarm tab 
  18. Online Monitor now allows you to set type and size of the font for recognized numbers 
  19. Online Monitor is now protected against alarm panel overflow with the ‘Delete alarms together with the LP’ setting. If the panel is full, the oldest entry in it is deleted along with all entries linked to the same vehicle number 
  20. LprRemote.NearestTime registry key is now more easily configured via a separate terminal window. Frame's time stamp is displayed in real time for easier latency calculation 
  21. The RemoteLpr.x.NearestTime parameter is now applied individually for each server (x = Server ID) 
  22. If you change parameters of a Recognition on Request object, the Intellect core receives an event containing the full list of the object's parameters.
  23. Upon recognition of a number, camera number and ID are recorded into the DB. Online Monitor now displays the camera name in search results window. You can now search recognized numbers by camera name 
  24. Introduced the SaveFilterToDB key that sets recording of filtered numbers to DB on or off 
  25. Traffic Violations Detection offers an option to set an arbitrary recognition area 
  26. Motorcycles are omitted from the Traffic Monitor GUI, since the engine does not support this function 
  27. In Online Monitor, manually launched alarms are now displayed in a dedicated window, and the alarms themselves are marked as Marked by the Operator 
  28. Optimized display of large number plates 
  29. Integrated a 64-bit reporting module 
  30. You can now fine-tune the Traffic Violations Detection module with a set of registry keys. The Alarms.LimitedByBestResult key allows you to ignore all frames following the best quality frame detected by the recognition engine. The Alarms.CrossWalkOne key allows you to generate an alarm event when a number recognized on a pedestrian crossing, even if a vehicle does not move 
  31. You can now specify the same camera for different recognition on request channels 
  32. External DB's interface now includes text search across all fields except "Active" 
  33. You can now search recognized numbers by a text comment from an external number database 
  34. The external DB connection wizard is now capable of creating number databases from templates 
  35. Added the vehicle type recognition neural network–based module capable of classifying passenger cars, vans, buses, trucks and motorcycles. The module is licensed per channel 
  36. Added the Ulpr.NumberDetectedRestartTimeout registry key that allows re-initializing number recognition channels after a specified period during which no numbers were recognized 
  37. The product does not contain AxxonSoft and CARMEN Parking recognition modules anymore.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug with checking a number against a disconnected external DB.
  2. Fixed a bug that blocked traffic violations detection after restoring the DB's configuration.
  3. CARMEN ANPR now does not crash in Parking Mode with VMD detection active and intensive motion in scene.
  4. Fixed a bug that led to incorrect character set display in recognized Saudi Arabia numbers.
  5. Traffic Monitor and Traffic Light Detection can now work together correctly.
  6. Fixed a bug that prevented routing carriage movement direction data to ports 35555 and 55555.
  7. Solved a problem with periodic disconnection from an external plates database.
  8. Fixed a bug with synchronization of car number recognition events with video archive.
  9. Reports from larger samples (1 day and over) are now represented correctly.
  10. Fixed a rare bug that led to doubling of recognition events in IntLab.
  11. Solved a problem with the selection of a recognition channel from a large number of available channels (over 20).
  12. Corrected IntelliVision operation in certain launching scenarios.
  13. Fixed a bug with the joint operation of VIT and AutoUragan.
  14. Corrected timeline position after calling an archive from Online Monitor.
  15. Farsi characters are now displayed correctly.
  16. Corrected the search by numbers that contain Farsi characters.
  17. Resolved an issue with searching by number in a distributed system.
  18. Manually launched alarms are now initiated and processed correctly.
  19. Corrected display of plate numbers containing disability icons.
  20. CARMEN UIC does not crash anymore when launched without a key.
  21. Corrected behavior: Traffic Violations Detection does not give false detection on startup.
  22. Container numbers are now recognized with regard to the Direction Not detected setting.
  23. Increased the stability of the AutoUragan recognition engine.
  24. AutoUragan now treats region #198 correctly.
  25. Forced unloading of the numbers search process is implemented if it is closed through the menu.
  26. Resolved an issue in which the area code was not displayed in the Online Monitor window.
  27. Fixed a bug which led to incorrect display of a portion of a frame containing the license plate (recognition on request).
  28. Fixed a bug which led to incorrect display of a portion of a frame containing the license plate (search by number).
  29. Fixed an error with the default stream for Traffic Detector. The default stream now matches the video analytics stream setting for the camera.
  30. Fixed a bug that caused crashes of the search by number interface when attempting to create a report for 24 hours or more.
  31. Alarm messages in Identified Vehicles Protocol (Number Plate Log) are now highlighted correctly.
  32. Region code is now displayed correctly in Online Monitor.
  33. The CARMEN container recognition module now includes the settings_override.json configuration file that allows for fine tuning of SDK parameters.
  34. Arabic letters now can be added to an external numbers database.
  35. Resolved the pixelization issue in exported PDF files.
  36. Reboot by timeout now works correctly in the AutoUragan recognition module.
  37. Fixed a rare bug that made the recognition interface crash on frequent mouse clicking.
  38. Fixed a bug that sent a previously recognized number in VIT module upon frequent START/STOP commands.
  39. Resolved the low resolution issue in the search by numbers interface window.
  40. Fixed a bug that prevented opening a camera archive from the search by numbers UI.
  41. Vehicle movement direction is now detected correctly.
  42. Fixed error: the VIT module now is capable of recognizing the number of an idle vehicle.
  43. The "I" character is now recognized correctly in all national number formats.
  44. Fixed the crashing of the AutoUragan module when there is a large flow of recognized numbers.
  45. Resolved an issue with degraded recognition quality of the AutoUragan module in full size frames.
  46. Resolved an issue with suddenly disconnecting of recognition channels in CARMEN ANPR.
  47. Fixed a bug that prevented setting a custom color to a number from an external DB.
  48. Resolved a recurring Recording Bitrate Limit Exceeded error on large data streams from recognition channels.
  49. Fixed a virtual camera–related memory leak in the VIT SDK.
  50. Fixed a rare bug that led to display of an incorrect camera archive during search by numbers.
  51. FIxed a memory leak in recognition on request mode.
  52. The More button in search by numbers now works correctly.
  53. In VIT, numbers are now recognized correctly if the template includes multiple national number formats.
  54. Resolved an issue with the disconnection of port 35555 in resolutions of 2 MP and over.
  55. For correct operation of the XML parser, numbers sent via port 35555 are now separated with spaces.
  56. Fixed error: the setting that excludes photos from an exported PDF report now works correctly.
  57. Improved overall quality and stability of the Traffic Violations Detection tool.
  58. Fixed a bug that led to an empty recognition address output in VIT module during Online Monitor searches.
  59. Resolved an issue that occurred when Intellect and Axxon Next were run on the same server using IntelliVision recognition.
  60. Fixed a character set issue in the Polish-localized system reading Russian and Belorussian numbers.
  61. Fixed a bug in recognition on request that led to the output of the previously recognized number.
  62. Fixed a bug with fine tuning settings in VIT.
  63. 32-bit VIT modules now start correctly.
  64. Specifying recognition area borders now works correctly in IntelliVision.
  65. Resolved an issue that prevented AutoUragan from multiple recognitions on request of the same number.
  66. Resolved an issue that led to incorrect operation of more than 2 AutoUragan recognition channels simultaneously.
  67. The recognition channel does not crash anymore upon the first recognition on request.
  68. CARMEN ANPR now correctly recognizes and displays 2-line numbers containing Latin and Arabic characters.
  69. Updated resources allocation in multi-CPU systems, no more FPS drops occur.
  70. Fixed a bug that led CARMEN ANPR to double-recognize numbers in ParkingMode.
  71. Fixed a bug that prevented loading new countries in configurator if VIT is launched under a demo license.
  72. In container numbers recognition, the Undefined Direction setting is now always active. Missing setting led to an error.
  73. In CARMEN ANPR, 4-block Arabic numbers are now displayed correctly in Events Viewer and Online Monitor. Added the VehiclePlateSearch.RightToLeft registry key that allows displaying digits before or after Latin letters.
  74. Fixed a bug that prevented creation of configuration file for IntLab, if its ID does not match the parent module's.
  75. The SKAT video system for traffic violations detection now correctly synchronizes frames with numbers.
  76. Number recognition channel now does not crash on changing the IntelliVision settings profile.
  77. Fixed a bug that prevented Traffic Monitor from registering passing passenger cars.
  78. AutoUragan now recognizes numbers correctly if a template contains more than one national number format.
  79. DPR and LPR Templates now do not disappear in AutoUragan 3.7.
  80. Fixed an error that made Online Monitor to display a black square instead of a number after some time in operation.

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