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Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.5. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The purpose and structure of the Guide

The Guide is an informational reference designed for users of the Auto-Intellect system with Operator access rights responded for operation with Auto-Intellect software and corresponding interface objects.

The Guide contains the following material:

  1. General description of the Auto-Intellect software system.
  2. How to use the Auto-Intellect software system.
  3. Description of the user interface of the Auto-Intellect system.

The purpose of the Auto-Intellect system

The Auto-Intellect software system is designed for automated traffic monitoring and control, and has the following functionality:

  1. License plate number recognition.
  2. Centralized events registration and processing, generation of notifications and control commands according to flexible algorithms.
  3. Searching matches between the recognized plate number and the numbers in the database connected to Auto-Intellect.
  4. Creating the photo and video archive.
  5. Determining the overall traffic parameters and the parameters of individual vehicles.
  6. Software scalability.

Recommendations for using the Auto-Intellect system

The Auto-Intellect software is installed as an extension to the Intellect software package.

For proper operation of the Auto-Intellect system, please follow these recommendations:

  1. Follow the job description accurately.
  2. Use the system for the intended purpose only.
  3. Do not use the computer with Intellect installed, to run other software which is not part of the Intellect package.