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Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.5. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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If the images are stored in the local or network folder (see Configuring the recognized LP images and vehicle images storage on disk) you can access them via the HTTP GET-requests:

  • http://server_ip:10001/lprserver/GetImage/Frames/id;
  • http://server_ip:10001/lprserver/GetImage/Plate_numbers/id;


    The Frames request means accessing the main image, the Plate_numbers request means accessing the LP image cut from the main one.


  • server_ip is the server IP-address where the images are stored. (If the images are stored on the same computer where the LPR channel is installed, you should specify the localhost);
  • id is the image ID (image file name without the additional _Frames or _Plate_numbers).

The response to the request is the JPEG image.

For example, to get the images like the ones on the screenshot below, you should specify the following HTTP GET-requests:

  • http://localhost:10001/lprserver/GetImage/Frames/66FB34A2-1B38-E811-A92F-001A7DDA710E
  • http://localhost:10001/lprserver/GetImage/Plate_numbers/66FB34A2-1B38-E811-A92F-001A7DDA710E

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