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Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.5. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The Carmen software module uses the Carmen FreeFlow license type and is licensed by the used processor cores. There is additional electronic key in the form of USB key in case of license for one and two cores and in the form of PCI card in case of one, two and four cores. Number of recognition channels is limited by processor capacity. There are no restrictions on the number of recognitions per unit.

For the Carmen FreeFlow license type, it is possible to use multiple hardware keys of any type on the same PC.


Do the following for CARMEN module operation if the CARMEN 7.3 protection key is in use:

  1. Make sure that "KB3033929" and Hotfix updates are applied.
  2. If Carmen GX drivers are installed, then they are to be removed from the Windows Programs and Components on the Control Panel. 
  3. Make sure that there aren't any folders with drivers at  C:\Windows\System32\DRVSTORE\ (if there are folders, they are to be removed).
  4. Restart the virtual machine.
  5. Go to http://www.axxonsoft.com/resources/downloads.php and download SDK Carmen Freeflow 7.3.1 from the Auto-Intellect recognition engines section and install it.

The licensing procedure of the ARH Containers for the container license plates recognition and the ARH Carriages for the carriage license plates recognition is the same as the Carmen FreeFlow type.

It is possible to use the Carmen hardware keys for recognizing license plates of vehicles and containers in the same time. Even if two hardware keys of different types are used (the first is USB and the second is PCI).