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Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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New features and improvements

  1. Integrated a new ANPR engine — IntelliVision License Plate Recognizer.
  2. SDK VIT ANPR updated to version 2.5.22.
  3. Integrated a new SDK CARMEN ANPR (Freeflow 7.3.1).
  4. Implemented the option for frame-by-frame recognition of numbers from several cameras using a single license for CARMEN or VIT.
  5. Now you can fine-tune the VIT automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) engine in the recognition server window.
  6. Added the following settings of the recognition server:
    1. “Min. characters in number plate”
    2. “Min. recognition quality”
    3.  “Min. repetition time for number plate”.
      Recognition results below the threshold for listed parameters are not shown in the Live Monitor and are not recorded into the archive.
  7. Implemented support of the Intlab Wagon 64-bit module for recognition of freight wagon numbers.
  8. With Intlab Wagon integration now you can:
    1. Determine the direction of wagon movement and
    2. Use a new filter in the number recognition server (all wagons / left to right / right to left).
  9. A new option for the ACFA user to grant access to several license plates separated by whitespace.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed the algorithm for calculating speed when using the ISKRA speed gun.
  2. Improved stability of the AutoUragan ANPR.
  3. Fixed the VIT engine not working on certain systems.
  4. Fixed the issue with VIT template configurator not displaying certain countries.
  5. Fixed the error: when calculating the vehicle speed on video the “Alarm speed” was displayed in the “Speed limit” field of the Number Plate Log.
  6. The information about the databases in which the recognized numbers were found was added to the printed report of the Number Plate Log.
  7. Fixed erroneous granting access by number plate based on an incorrect search for the number assigned to the ACFA user.
  8. Fixed the issue that prevented removing a motorcycle from the list of selected events in the Transport Detector.
  9. Implemented sending the NUMBER_NOT_DETECTED event to the Intellect core if it is impossible to recognize the number plate with the AutoUragan ANPR.
  10. Fixed the error that caused the CARMEN ANPR engine fail to recognize number plates on VMD triggering.
  11. Fixed the VIT ANPR failure to use all the CPU cores.
  12. Fixed the missing entries in the FramesSecondary table for event video from the Traffic violation detection tool.
  13. Fixed the installer of the English version working in Russian by default.
  14. Fixed the issue with the Search Area Border parameter in a camera working in the recognition on demand mode.

Compatibility and resources

This version is intended for use with Intellect 4.10.3.

For information about compatibility of Auto Intellect with Intellect versions, refer here.

For documentation, please visit the product documentation portal.

Download the Auto Intellect 5.4 installer here.

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