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For correct recofnition of carriages plates image received from video cameras should be clear, contrast and readable for use.

Requirements for video camera selecting, mounting and setup to get the required image quality are follows.

Requirements for video camera characteristics:

  1. Use black-and-white video cameras of high quallity (570 TVL and higher) because such cameras provides better quality of image at low light conditions.
  2. Rate of frames arrival is not less than 24 fps.
  3. Possibility of mounting the fix exposition value from 1/2000 s amd less.
  4. High sensitivity of video cameras (0,01 lx and more).


Using of resolution higher than 800x600 (IP-cameras) or CIF2 (analog cameras) is not lead to working improved quality.

It is strongly recommended to use resolution 800x600 (IP-cameras) or CIF2 (analog cameras).

Use varifocal lens for settings simplicity. Range of focal distance changing choose for each case of system installation.

It is required to fulfill video camera mounting and setup requirements except requirements for video cameras properties.

Requirements for video camera position:

  1. Optimal distance between video camera and railway is 5-7 meters.
  2. Height of video camera position is 3-3,5 meters from top of rail.
  3. Optical axis of video camera should be perpendicularly to plane of carriage plate.
  4. Locate infrared sensor and video camera in the same vertical plane.

Image requirements:

  1. Position of carriage in the frame should be strictly horizontal.
  2. Width of carriage plate in the image should be about 30-35% from the image width.
  3. Focal distance of lens is selected in such a way as to hieght of digits in the recognized carriage made about 10% from fame hieght.
  4. Geometric distortion by optics should be reduced.

Also it's required while video camera setup:

  1. Focus camera exactly to the carriage plate.
  2. Disable AGC mode in video camera.
  3. Disable modes of adding contrast of video camera.

It's required that distance between video camera and digitizing device won't be more than 30 meters for prevention video signal attenuation.

To provide working of system at night use searchlight flashing of carriages/cisterns. Use usual halogen spotlight with a capacity of 1–1,5 kW while mounting spotlight in distance 5-7 meters from railway. Locate spotlight as shown in the figure below. Such location allows to avoid the following:

  1. Blindness of camera by spotlight directed to it from another site of railway.
  2. Image flashing by light reflection from carriage.

Reference image received from correctly mounted and setup video camera is shown in the following figure.

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