Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.3. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Auto-Intellect includes the basic version of the Intellect software package with additional software modules, including those from third-party vendors that carry out particular functions: recognizing the vehicle parameters and registering the related events. Auto-Intellect includes the following software modules:

  1. Auto-Uragan;
  2. Arena;
  3. CARMEN-Auto;
  4. Carmen-parking;
  5. VIT;
  6. Radar;
  7. Traffic Detector;
  8. Traffic Light Detection;
  9. External Plates Database;
  10. Vehicle detector (included in information-gathering subsystem about traffic);
  11. Vehicle processor (included in information-gathering subsystem about traffic);
  12. Vehicle tracer;
  13. CARMEN-Carriages;
  14. IntLab-Carriages;
  15. Container code recognition.


The database of identifiers/detections and the object from which the data is received to this database are to be located in one computer for correct working of Auto-Intellect software package.