Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.3. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The Arena program module provides interaction of velocimeter and Arena photofixation (Arena integrated circuit) and Auto-Intellect PC.

Arena integrated circuit is a monobloc unit containing inside the following devices:

  1. radar;
  2. camera;
  3. computer with installed and set up ftp-server;
  4. data storage;
  5. devices, providing Arena integrated circuit workability


Detailed information about Arena integrated circuit is given in official reference manual.

 Auto–Intellect server requires photos with a stated period of time from Arena integrated circuit. In case when the Auto-Intellect server and Arena integrated circuit are disconnected and then the connection is restored, the photos made during the connection loss will be downloaded from the ftp-server.


In case of Arena's Web-interface incorrect close the Auto-intellect complex stops receiving events.

To set up the Arena program module, the following data about the Arena integrated circuit are necessary:

  1. IP-address of the Arena computer with installed and set up ftp-server;
  2. Port for connection to the ftp-server;
  3. User name and password for connecting to the ftp-server.

Setting up Arena program module is performed in the following way:

  1. Go to the Hardware tab in the System setting dialog window (1).
  2. Select the Arena module object, corresponding to the set up Arena program module on the Hardware tab (2). The settings panel of the selected object will open on the right side of the window.
  3. In the IP address field enter the IP-address of the Arena computer with installed ftp-server (3).
  4. In the Port field enter the port for connection to the ftp-server (3). Port 21 is used by default.
  5. In the Login and Password fields enter the user name and password for connection to this ftp-server (4-5).
  6. In the Frames polling interval, ms field enter the time between two one by one requires of Auto-Intellect PC for downloading the photos from the Arena integrated circuit (6).
  7. In the Alarm on speed limit, km/h field enter the maximum available vehicle speed in km/h (7). In case, when the vehicle moves at a speed above the maximum available vehicle speed, the system generates the report about the excessive speed.
  8. Click Apply (8).

Setting up the Arena module is completed.