Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.2. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The purpose and structure of this manual

The Auto-Intellect Software Package. The Administrator's Guide document is intended to be used as a reference by videocamera, radar and other devices installation and setup specialists, and administrator users of the Auto-Intellect software responded for connection of program modules and their configuration.

This manual includes the following:

  1. General description of the Auto-Intellect software.
  2. Main software and hardware components of Auto-Intellect.
  3. Technical requirements for the software and hardware platform.
  4. Personnel qualification requirements.
  5. Installing the components of Auto-Intellect.
  6. Configuring Auto-Intellect and setting of its components.
  7. Appendix 1. Description of the interfaces.
  8. Appendix 2. Examples of high-usage scripts.
  9. Appendix 3. Procedures for the Auto-Intellect database and software for fine imposing interaction.
  10. Appendix 4. Database replication via MS SQL Server .
  11. Appendix 5. Setting up the External plates database in «dbf» format.
  12. Appendix 6. The utilities description to work with Auto-Intellect software.

The purpose of the Auto-Intellect software package

The Auto-Intellect software package was designed for automated traffic monitoring including the following functionality:

  1. License plate recognition.
  2. Matching the recognized license plate numbers with the numbers in the Auto-Intellect database.
  3. Determining the speed of the vehicles.
  4. Determining general parameters of traffic as a whole and determining traffic characteristics of each particular vehicle.
  5. Centralized event registration and processing, as well as notification and action generation according to flexible algorithms.
  6. Photo and video archive building.
  7. The scalability of the software package.

How to use Auto-Intellect

The Auto-Intellect software package is installed as an extension for the Intellect software package.

To operate the software properly, please, follow these recommendations:

  1. Fulfill your job description accurately.
  2. Use the software for the intended purpose.
  3. Do not use the computer with Intellect installed, to run other software which is not part of the Intellect package.

It is not recommended to use the same logical disk for recording the Intellect (basic) video archive as for storage of the Auto-Intellect database. It can cause the data loss. Detailed information about setting up the disks for recording the Intellect video archive is given in Intellect Software Package.Administrator's Guide document.

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