Documentation for Auto Intellect 5.1. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Auto Intellect software package 5.1

 Administrator's Guide

This manualis intended to be used as a reference by videocamera, radar and other devices installation and setup specialists, and administrator users of the Auto-Intellect software responded for connection of program modules and their configuration.

Main topics:

Software and hardware technical requirements

Installation of Auto-Intellect software components

Configurating of the Auto-Intellect software package and setting its components up

The utilities description to work with Auto-Intellect software

 Operator's Guide

The Guide is an informational reference designed for users of the Auto-Intellect system with Operator access rights responded for operation with Auto-Intellect software and corresponding interface objects.

Main topics:

Using the Traffic Monitor interface object

The Vehicle Tracer interface object

Description of the Auto-Intellect user interface

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