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Documentation for ATM Intellect 10.0. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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New Features and Improvements

  1. New GUI for the ATM Intellect Operator's Workstation is introduced including:
    1. ATM Monitoring
    2.  Recorded footage search (Archive Search)
    3.  ATM Monitoring Reports
  2. The standard ATM events captioning function of the ATM Intellect Pro now uses REC_ROLLBACK command to initiate recording instead of REC.
  3. The ATM Events Interceptor module now supports automatic cash input devices. The module intercepts the following cash input device related events:
    1. Cash transaction. Cash transaction selected by a customer. Bill acceptor latch opened.
    2. Cash input complete. Bills inserted into the bill acceptor. Bills deposited.
    3. The amount is listed on screen. Unrecognized bills returned.
    4. Cancellation: bills deposited. The client aborted the transaction. All bills returned.
    5. The client has taken the money. The client has taken the money from the cash input device.
    6. The ATM has taken the money. The client has forgot to take the money from the cash input device. The ATM has retracted the money after a time-out period.
    7. The vault door opens.
    8. The vault door closes.
  4. Gateway mode added for Live Video display. After the successful installation of the ATM Intellect Operator's Workstation software you can use the Hardware tab to create a Data Gateway object. The Data Gateway is used for streaming video from the ATM Intellect Pro server to Additional Workstations belonging to other subnet(s) in an installation where the Intellect PSIM components are not comprising a distributed system, since the Video Gateway cannot be applied for this purpose.
  5. The 64-bit version of the Intellect kernel is now supported.
  6. External databases are now supported by the ATM Intellect Operator's Workstation. When installing the ATM Intellect Operator's Workstation software, you can set a remote SQL server on the monitoring database creation page.
  7. An option has been added to automate the loading of video files via the Search in Video Footage (GUI: Archive Search) module. An external system can now communicate with the Search in Video Footage module by means of .xml files via the designated exchange folders.
  8. A special operating mode for FSA and ACS modules has been introduced. Using the ATM Intellect Operator's Workstation, you can now create new users and set their access rights to each ATM Intellect Pro server. The list of user credentials is automatically transferred to each ATM-Intellect Pro server. This allows you such options as card-based access to ATM Intellect Pro enabled sites. The special operating mode is applicable where separate Intellect PSIM components cannot be joined into a distributed video surveillance system.
  9. The ATM Monitoring interface object has now its Control and Log panels synchronized.
    1. An object being selected via the Control panel becomes selected in the Log panel.
    2. The object's right-click context menu is now accessible from both Control and Log panels.
    3. The object filters on both panels are now synchronized.
  10. New filters have been added in the Control and History panels:
    1. Alarms. Displays only the objects currently containing short-term alarms not accepted by the operator.
    2. Failures. Displays only the objects currently containing unsolved long-term errors.
    3. Connected.  Displays only the objects currently connected.
    4. Disconnected. Displays only the objects currently disconnected.
  11. You can have additional information about the object displayed:
    1. Hard drives' operating temperature
    2. IP address.
    3. Available amount of RAM.
    4. Continuous running time of the Intellect PSIM kernel.
    5. CPU load.
    6. The time of the earliest entry in Video Footage.
  12. Alternative algorithm added for generating Insufficient Video Footage Capacity alarms. This algorithm handles the cumulative Video Footage  file size for a given number of days rather than for the total elapsed time.
  13. You can now access additional information on each camera's Video Footage  via the Video Footage  Details window.
    1. Time period, days Retention time for a single camera's Video Footage.
    2. Current, days. The size of the currently monitored portion of Video Footage  specified in the Monitor Past Footage (days) setting of the ATM Intellect Pro.
    3. Total time, days Total cumulative size of Video Footage.
    4. Time period, days The currently monitored portion of Video Footage.
    5. Occupancy, %. The parameter indicates the integrity of Video Footage.
    6. First entry. The date of the earliest entry in Video Footage.
    7. Last entry. The date of the most recent entry in Video Footage.
    8. FIFO. Indicates that camera videos are recorded cyclically (First In First Out).
    9. Alarm. Indicates insufficient storage capacity for Video Footage.
  14. Added reference guides to: Oblast, District, City.
  15. Improved ATM Monitoring Reports interface object:
    1. You can now choose a type of report in object's settings.
    2. While building a report, you can now use filtering by oblast, district, city, failure category, alarm category and alarm notification content.
    3. Export added to .csv file.
    4. Set .xls as the default file format for exporting reports.
    5. While working with reports, the user's navigation over the list of video files is now enhanced with thumbnail display.
  16. Short term alarms' time stamp on an ATM Intellect Operator's Workstation can now be set in accordance with the ATM Intellect Pro system time.
  17. Improved Live Video Viewer module:
    1. ATM Monitoring interface object settings now include Compression parameter for optimal bandwidth consumption.
    2. While editing the layout, you can now take advantage of WYSIWIG placement and/or scaling of camera windows.
  18. The Alarm Response window now offers dedicated buttons to accept all alarms for a currently selected object or all alarms systemwide.
  19. The Video Data window now offers dedicated buttons to mark all loaded videos as viewed for a currently selected object or systemwide.
  20. You can now manage an ATM Monitoring object via scripts:
    1. Create and apply custom filters in the Log panel.
    2. Export filtered Log Panel data to .xls files.
    3. Show or hide the License Plate Detection window.
  21. The Log panel now includes the indication of maximum single disk free space across all logical drives available for Video Footage recording.


Bug Fixes

  1. Now the Video Retrieval (GUI: Search in Archive) module allows you to load still frames or videos with identical time stamps from multiple cameras.
  2. The ATM Intellect Pro software version is now correctly displayed in the Log Panel.
  3. A number of minor bugs fixed.
  4. Some fixes and improvements in the documentation.
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