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Documentation for ATM Intellect 10.0. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Interface elements of Additional workplace configuration tool are described in the table.



Method of setting the parameter value

Default value



List of ATM-Intellect Workstations

The Add, Remove and Set as active buttons

By default there is the ATM-Intellect Workstation in the list. It is named By default and is created during installation.

Displays the list of existing ATM-Intellect Workstations. An active ATM-Intellect Workstation is highlighted in bold.


The Add button

Click the button


Adding a new ATM-Intellect Workstation to the list.


The Delete button

Click the button


Deleting a selected ATM-Intellect Workstation from the list.


The Save button

Click the button


Saving the changes


The Set as active button

Click the button


Setting an active ATM-Intellect Workstation.


The Name field

Enter a value in the field

See #1. When a new ATM-Intellect Workstation is added to the list it is named New by default.

Setting a name for ATM-Intellect Workstation. This name is used only in this tool.


The IP address field

Enter a value in the field

Important! The value of this parameter is to be changed according to the IP address of the ATM-Intellect Workstation.

Setting the IP address to connect to VideoSrv module.


The Port field

Enter a value in the field


Setting a port to connect to VideoSrv module.  The port used by the ATM-Intellect Workstation is specified on the settings panel of the corresponding object when setting the ATM-Intellect Workstation – see Setting the ATM-Intellect Workstation connection parameters section.


The Path to export folder field

The Path to export folder link or enter a value in the field


Setting a path to the network folder on the ATM-Intellect Workstation where there are archive files requested from the ATM-Intellect Pro.


The DB connection string field

The DB connection string link


Setting the ATM-Intellect Workstation DB connection string. The Data Link Properties box appears when clicking the DB connection string link.

11The Main DB connection string fieldThe Main DB connection string link-Setting the base Intellect DB connection string. The Data Link Properties box appears when clicking the Main DB connection string link.
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