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Documentation for ATM Intellect 10.0. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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By default the ATM-Intellect Workstation (named “By default”) is added to Additional workplace configuration right after installation of Monitoring software package.  Its settings are the same as those specified during installation (see Installation steps for Additional workplace section).

Add a new ATM-Intellect Workstation to the list as follows:

  1. Run Additional workplace configuration tool
  2. Click the  button (1).
  3. A new ATM-Intellect Workstation is added to the list (named New) (2).
  4. Rename the ATM-Intellect Workstation if necessary (3).


    This name is used in the Additional workplace configuration tool only.
  5. Specify the IP address of computer where VideoSrv module is run (4).
  6. Specify the VideoSrv module connection port (5).


    The port used by the ATM-Intellect Workstation is specified on the settings panel of the corresponding object when setting the ATM-Intellect Workstation – see Setting the ATM-Intellect Workstation connection parameters section.
  7. Specify the path to network folder on the ATM-Intellect Workstation where there are archive files requested from the ATM-Intellect Pro (6). A standard Browse for Folder dialog box appears when clicking the Path to export folder link. Select a required folder.


    By default the folder (Export folder) on the ATM-Intellect Workstation where the snapshots and videos are stored is located at DISK:\Export\, where DISK is a disk with installed OS.  You can edit the folder by editing the ExportPath registry value in the HKLM\Software\BITSoft\VHost\VHostService section for 32-bit OS (HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\BITSoft\VHost\VHostService for 64-bit).
  8. Click the DB connection string link. The Data Link Properties box appears. Configure DB connection to remote ATM-Intellect Workstation as follows:
    1. Go to the Provider tab. Select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
    2. Go to the Connection tab.
    3. In the 1. Select or enter a server name: dropdown list select a name of DB server where the ATM-Intellect Workstation DB is stored (1).
    4. Set the 2.Enter information to log on to the sever: to the Use a specific user name and password: position and specify the user name and password to connect to MS SQL Server (2).
    5. Select the Allow saving password check box (3).
    6. In the Select the database on the server: dropdown list select the name of the ATM-Intellect Workstation DB (4).
    7. Click the Test Connection button (5). If connection data is specified correctly, then the box with the Test connection succeeded message appears. 


      If there is the Connection failed message, then check if there is connection to the ATM-Intellect Workstation computer and if the server DB is configured correctly and then repeat steps 8.а-8.g.
  9. Click the OK button(6).
  10. The configured connection string is displayed in the text field (8).
  11. Click the Main DB connection string link (9). The Data Link Properties box appears. Configure DB connection to the base Intellect DB similarly to the ATM-Intellect Workstation (see steps 8.a-8.h). The configured connection string is displayed in the text field (10).
  12. Click the  button to save the changes (11).


To remove ATM-Intellect Workstation in the list select it and click the  button.

ATM-Intellect Workstation is now added to the list.

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