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For ATM-Intellect Workstation, ATM-Intellect Workstation TC, and Additional workplace install Intellect in the remote administrator’s workstation mode (RAW). For ATM-Intellect Pro, install Intellect in the Server mode. Intellect installation is described in the INTELLECT Software Package. Administrator’s Guide.

Information on compatibility of ATM-Intellect and Intellect software versions is given on the page General information about product releases and versions compatibility.

One of the following objects must be present in the intellect.sec license key depending on the installation type:

  1. ATM-Intellect Workstation.
  2. ATM-Intellect Workstation TC.
  3. ATM-Intellect Pro.
  4. Additional workplace (this object is to be added to the license key on the ATM-Intellect Workstation).

For ATM-Intellect Workstation and ATM-Intellect Workstation TC functioning a database server is necessary. When installing Intellect software on a clean (fresh) PC, MS SQL Server 2014 Express is installed as well.

ATM-Intellect software supports the following database servers:

  1. MS SQL Server 2008 R2;
  2. MS SQL Server 2012;
  3. MS SQL Server 2014.