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This version of DetectorPack is compatible with Axxon Next starting with version 4.5.0. 

What's new:

  1. GPU video decoding is now supported 

  2. Added the acceleration of the neural network analytics launch on GPU on a trial basis 

  3. The motion detection settings now have the Alarm end delay parameter, which allows you to reduce the number of alarms in complex scenes 

  4. For License plate recognition (RR), the Czech Republic, Mexico and Malaysia license plate recognition is now supported 

  5. For License plate recognition (VT), the operation on the NPU IntelNC (Intel Neural Stick 2) is now supported 

  6. For License plate recognition (IV), the operation on GPU is now supported 

Other improvements:

  1. Different types of detection tools can now operate on one GPU.
  2. Fixed mass application of settings for neural analytics when using GPU 
  3. Improved the logic for the motion detection sensitivity settings 
  4. Unified the names of the same parameters in different detection tool settings.
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