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New integrations

  • Biosmart PV-WTC Time & Attendance terminal is integrated as a part of the Biosmart UniPass integration module. In particular, the possibility to enroll the palm prints from the controller without the control readers is supported. General minor bugs in the Biosmart Unipass integration module were also fixed. 
  • Fiber Sensys PIDS. System events monitoring and zone control is supported. 
  • Hikvision K1T761, K1T200, K1T606, K1F100-D8E biometric terminals supporting fingerprint and face authentication were integrated, as well as the desktop card reader. General minor bugs in the Hikvision integration module were also fixed. 
  • Rakinda ACS RD007 controller was partially integrated. Only the barcode reader is supported. In the future releases, it is planned to support the full functionality of the device, i.e. all ACS functions. 
  • Safekey key management system. Equipment configuration, monitoring and management is supported. 
  • Schindler Port elevator controller. Monitoring of events from the controller is supported. Access management is carried out using any other access control system integrated with scripts and macros. 
  • STX-1000 position sensor with a card reader. Obtaining information about the vehicle position on the scales (correct or incorrect) and receiving the code of the attached card are supported. 
  • Virdi Ubio-X Pro Lite biometric access control terminal supporting fingerprint and face authentication is integrated. General minor bugs in the Virdi integration module were also fixed. 
  • PCSC Wrapper general-purpose module for the integration of control readers supporting the PC/SC standard. In particular, the module can be used for connecting the HID Omnikey readers.  For a complete list of smart card reader manufacturers that support PC/SC standards, see: https://www.pcscworkgroup.com/members/member-list/
  • Hundure IM1000U Mifare card encoder. The integration was done for the specific project, so the cards are recorded according to a customized algorithm. 
  • Texecom FSA Premier Elite series panels were integrated. The devices monitoring and management is supported. 

New features and improvements

Service modules

Access Manager:

  • Added the buttons for all the basic functions in the user profile. 
  • Added the ability to crop photos in proportions of 3:4 or crop to a standard size (640 × 480, etc., depending on the original image resolution). 
  • Added the ability to limit the maximum and/or minimum number of user cards. 
  • Added the card format settings allowing for operator input control. 
  • Added the ability to use the control readers on clients.
  • Added the criteria by which the duplicate users are determined: external identifier, vehicle number, PIN-code. 
  • Added search by the temporary access level expiration date. 
  • Added the ability to add users of different types to the same department. 
  • Fixed errors in the module.

General-purpose modules improvements

The client mode is supported in the BACnet Wrapper module, i.e. sending data on any Intellect events to external systems using the BACnet protocol. 

Integration modules

Apollo SDK v.2 ACFA. Added the ability to control double entry by the time zone ("APB Zone"). 

Siemens Vanderbilt FSA:

  • Maximum number of zones increased to 512
  • Added the ability to select an icon to display the zone on the map.

Salto ACS. A newer version of the SHIP protocol is supported, the errors in the integration module are fixed.

ZK Teco ACS. A newer version of the SDK is supported, the errors in the module are fixed.

Bug fixes

Minor bugs fixed in the Security equipment module intended for the ACFA drivers in Drivers Pack support, as well as in Modbus Wrapper and OPC Wrapper general-purpose integration modules, Suprema (all 4 modules) and Castle/Sigur ACS integration modules, Galaxy Dimension v.2 and Satel FSA integration modules, Forteza and Intrepid II PIDS integration modules.

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