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New features and improvements

New integrations

  • Suprema Realscan G10 control reader for fingerprints scanning. The reader supports enrollment of up to 10 fingerprints at once.
  • Morpho MA Sigma Lite biometric controller. Only biometric data operation is supported, while operations with access cards are not implemented.

Software modules

  • Access Manager. The following functions added:
    • Search tabs renaming
    • Saving dialog boxes size
    • Limiting operator permissions for Access Levels
    • Displaying size of the cropped photo area
    • Custom user fields
      Some errors have been corrected.
  • Event Manager. Event protocol in the bottom of Event Manager can now be hidden. Other bugs in the module were also fixed.

General-purpose Protocols

  • BACnet Wrapper. An automatic read of parameters at a specified time interval is now supported. Previously, only getting the parameter value in case of its change was supported. Some bugs in the module were also fixed.


  • Apollo SDK v.3 ACS/FSA. The new SDK version is supported for Apollo devices. In the new version of the SDK, the integration speed has been improved, but no new features or models have been added.Compatibility with previous versions of the SDK is lost! When upgrading to ACFA 6.6, you need to request a new security key for the new version of the Apollo SDK from AAM Systems.
  • Suprema 2. It is now possible to set up Operator Level defining operator’s access to the controller via its keyboard. The parameter is set in Access Manager. Some bugs in the module were also fixed.


  • Intrepid II. It is now possible to arm and disarm MicroTrack and MicroPoint segments.


Minor bugs fixed in: the Time & Attendance and Virtual Access Server software modules, modules for the Galaxy Dimension v.2 FSA and Unipos 7002 FSA, Forteza PID and Optex PID, Paxton ACS, Sigur/Castle ACS and ZK Teco ACS, Castle control reader and SNMP Wrapper integrations.

Release features

Version 6.6 of the ACFA integration modules includes all new integrations and enhancements of the previous version.

ACFA 6.6 is compatible with Intellect 4.10.4. Read more about version compatibility here.

To view the documentation, please visit the product documentation portal.

Download the ACFA 6.6 installer here.


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