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New features and improvements

New integrations

  • Suprema 2 Biometric ACS. New Suprema 2nd generation controllers are integrated, including: BioStation 2, BioEntry W, FaceStation, BSA2-OEPW. Hardware monitoring and control supported.
  • HikVision ACS. HikVision network access controllers DS-K26хх (up to 8 readers) and DS-K28хх (up to 4 readers) are integrated. Hardware monitoring, control, configuration and auto configuration (reading configuration data from the device) are supported.
  • Paxton Net2 I/O Board. Receiving events from the sensors/relays I/O board is supported.

Software modules

  • Access Manager. The following functions added:
    • When searching for users, the ability to ignore blank fields for the card number and facility code is added.
    • Added the ability to hide/unhide any field for a predefined Main department type, including Name, Surname, Patronymic, etc.
    • In the user search form, a department ID was added next to the user ID to simplify navigation within the list.
    • User Search is now at your fingertips – right-click  the "Users" tab.
    • The dialog box for printing access cards enhanced with control buttons, “Print all” option added.
    • Added option to forbid removing access levels assigned to users and the time zones used in access levels.
    • Added option to forbid deletion of non-empty departments.
    • Search conditions are now saved for a specific user. After the Access Manager module restarts, the search conditions are restored.
    • Added the ability to disable inheritance of the access level of the department during the creation of the user.
    • The number of users listed in the search results window is now selectable: 100, 250, 500, 1000, 5000, unlimited.
    • Other minor improvements have been made and bugs have been fixed.


  • Template Editor. The following features added:
    • Arbitrary rotation of a text within a template.
    • Double click opening of template files.
    • Saving a template with a new name  (Save as ...).
    • Setting the canvas size in millimeters.

General-purpose Protocols

  • SNMP Wparrer. SNMP GET requests are supported to query for connected devices. Minor bugs fixed.


  • Apollo SDK v.2 ACS/FSA. You can now check active zones within a group as well as the group’s masking level. Digital lock simulation mode is now supported for readers. The AIO-168 panel’s inputs can now be masked. Minor bugs fixed.
  • Castle/Sphinx ACS. Improved the algorithm for recording credentials into controllers. The dynamic recording of users, access levels and/or time zones means that changes applly only to the controller containing  altered credentials. This speeds up the procedure significantly. Other minor bugs have also been fixed.


Non-critical bugs fixed in: the Event Manager software module, integration modules for the Paradox ACS/FSA, Galaxy Dimension v.2 FSA, Forteza PID, Soyal ACS and ZK Teco ACS.

Release features

ACFA 6.5 is compatible with Intellect 4.10.4. Read more about version compatibility here.

To view the documentation, please visit the product documentation portal.

Download the ACFA 6.5 installer here.

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