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Purpose of the document

Configuration and operation manual for Nitgen integration module is a reference and information guide meant for Nitgen configuration specialists. This module is a part of ACFA Intellect software package.
This Guide provides:

  1. general information about Nitgen ACS module;
  2. information about how to configure Nitgen ACS module;
  3. information about how to work with Nitgen ACS module.

General information about Nitgen module

The Nitgen module is the ACFA Intellect-based ACS component. It performs the following functions:

  1. Configuring the Nitgen ACS (manufactured by NITGEN Co.);
  2. Ensuring interaction between the Nitgen ACS and ACFA Intellect (monitoring, control).


For more information about the Nitgen ACS, please refer to official documentation for this system.

Before configuring the Nitgen integration module:

  1. Install the Nitgen ACS hardware at the secure facility (refer to the Nitgen ACS reference documentation);
  2. Install the Access Manager SDK which is located in the <Intellect installation directory>\ Modules\Nitgen folder.
  3. Connect the Nitgen ACS to the Intellect Server.
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