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Purpose and Structure of the Guide

The ADPRO Integration Module Settings Guide is a reference manual designed for ADPRO Module users. This module functions as a part of perimeter intrusion detection system based on the ACFA Intellect software package.

This Guide presents the following materials:

  1. General information about the ADPRO integration module;
  2. A list of supported devices and licensing of the ADPRO integration module;
  3. Configuration of the ADPRO integration module;
  4. Working with the ADPRO integration module.

General information about the ADPRO integration module

The ADPRO integration module is a part of the perimeter intrusion detection system built on the basis of the ACFA Intellect Software System. It is designed to monitor devices of the ADPRO module. Configuring and controlling devices of the ADPRO module in the ACFA Intellect software package is impossible.


Detailed information about the ADPRO module is presented in the official documentation for that system (see xtralis.com).

Before you start using the ADPRO integration module, install the hardware on site and configure the system in the vendor's software. 


It is not recommended to connect the ADPRO hardware to an ACFA Intellect Server via IP modules (with virtual COM port) on site. Connection via IP module can only be used for firmware upgrade.
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