Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Video viewing from fish-eye cameras is performed in the Fisheye camera monitor interface object which is displayed after creation the Fisheye camera monitor object.  Working with this interface window is similar to working with the Monitor interface window.

The video image, current date and time and the camera name from which the video image is in use to perform dewarping are displayed in every dewarping window. The button of transferring to the archive viewing mode is also displayed for active dewarpings. Transferring to the archive viewing mode (exit the archive viewing mode) is performed simultaneously for all dewarping windows of one camera.

To change the dewarping window position in the interface window move dewarping window to the required position with hold left mouse button.


After every settings apply on the settings panel of the Fisheye camera monitor (see Configuring the Fisheye camera monitor interface object section in the Administrator’s Guide) the order of dewarping boxes displaying in the Fisheye camera monitor window will change to the order specified on the object settings panel

While viewing video the following video control modes, that depend on the conversion way and the converter in use, are available:

  1. The following operations are available while using the Single View conversion:
    1. The image of the virtual camera is zoomed-in/out while scrolling it. This functionality is supported by Vivotek and Sentry360 converters.
    2. The Viewing angle of a virtual camera is changed when the pressed left mouse button is moved in the virtual camera's box.
  2. When the Panorama conversion and Vivotek and Immervision converters are in use, the starting point of panorama changes if the mouse is moved to the left/right.