Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The screen and printed reports can be created in the Report system.

A screen or printed report is a table showing the dates of the registered events, the videoservers that generated the event, and other relevant information.

The screen report allows viewing the information on the objects and events in the Report window. The screen report allows playing the recordings from the videoserver for each of the records in the report. The video archive can be played from the screen report using the surveillance window or converter.exe utility.


 The playing of the recording in the surveillance window is possible if the Intellect software is running on the videoserver.

The printed report is used for printing the report or exporting it into one of the common file formats. When the printed report is created, all information about the selected objects and events is displayed in a separate window.

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