Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The Script object is designed for initializing and setting the parameters of JScript scripts in Intellect system.

Figure shows the settings panel for the Script object.


Creating of large number of the Script objects (more than 100) can result to instable system working.

The settings panel allows choosing the time zone and the computers (kernels) for executing the script.

It also has the button for starting the Editor-Debugger tool and the text window for viewing the script text created by means of this tool. The scripts can be edited in the Editor-Debugger tool or directly in the settings panel for the Script object.

Moreover, one can configure the filter of events – the list of events which are to be processed by the Script system object. In general, including the event to the filter equals to if operator in the text of script, i.e. when the event is in the table, the operator can be omitted.


The event filter is to be set when creating a script in large distributed configurations. Otherwise the module will process all incoming events and it will lead to module malfunctioning.  


If the Object’s type column has the Macro value, the Identifier column has the 1 value and the Event column has the Executed value, then

if (Event.SourceType == "MACRO" && Event.SourceId==1 && Event.Action == "RUN")
    DoReactStr("CAM", "2", "REC", "");

script can be used instead of script.

DoReactStr("CAM", "2", "REC", "");

The detailed information on the elements of the settings panel for the Script object is given in Administrator's guide.