Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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To delimit secured territory in Intellect software package the “Region” object is in use. Secured territory delimiting helps to monitor and control objects of security system more efficiently.

Monitoring function is performed by giving information about the Region – relative area of event source-object location. If any event comes from alarm object (camera, sensor and so on), this event will contain information on the region where this object is. Information on object’s belonging to one or another Region is displayed in the “Alarm notification window” (see Alarm notification window section) and "Events log" (see Events log section).

The Map is used for Region operation in Intellect software package. Markings of the “Region” object on the Map are given below.

  1. Security mode is deactivated in the region
  2. Security mode is activated in the region
  3. Alarm in the region. Alarming event from one or several objects that belong to this region is detected

You can set any state to Region by right-clicking at the “Region” symbol and select command in the feature menu.

There is general information at the top of the feature menu:  Region name, name and time of the latest completed action. After general information the list of possible commands goes.

Commands of the feature menu of the “Region” object are described in the table.

Command Description
Control objects

Sets states to the objects of Region.

Note 1

 To start the “Control objects” command in the feature menu of the “Region” object, add a plug-in.

Note 2

 This command is available in Macros (see Intellect™ Software Package.Administrator's Guide).


Starts monitoring objects states of the Region. Region becomes alarmed when it gets corresponding events from objects.
Accept alarmAccepts Region alarm.
DisarmStops monitoring objects states of the Region.