Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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There are three ways to open video files with the AxxonPlayer Portable utility:

  1. Double left-click on the archive file (file of  *._* type) in  the VIDEO folder.
  2. Specifying the path using which the access to archive files is to be performed in the utility.
  3. Using the command prompt.


If video files that are to be opened were not recorded, but copied, then start the Convert.exe utility to open the archive (see The Convert.exe utility for correcting modification dates of video archives section):

  • If the archive is created in the same time zone as it is viewed,  then start the utility with the fullmode parameter:
    convert.exe fullmode
  • If the archive is created in different time zone than it is viewed, then move the archive to the current time zone by starting the utility with the following parameters in the command prompt:
    convert.exe fullmode TZ +hh:mm 
    where +hh:mm is the time shift between the current time zone and  the time zone of the archive.

Otherwise the folders with video files fail to open.

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