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  • New features and bug fixes in Intellect 4.9.8

Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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New features and improvements  

  1. Latest version of the IPDriverpack (3.36) has been included in Intellect 4.9.8.
  2. New version of Axxon Player is included in the distribution kit.
  3. PTR-500 PTZ device is now supported.
  4. Windows 10 is now supported.
  5. MS SQL 2005 is not supported anymore.
  6. Check for empty folders mechanism has been modified.
  7. When deleting readers, access levels or time zones they are also deleted from the objects they are associated with. 
  8. App has been improved – there are no event queues in large configurations.
  9. The ContinousMode has been implemented when controlling PTZ device using joystick.
  10. Resource files have been adapted, so that they can be localized into Kazakh.
  11. H.265 and JPEG2000 codecs are now supported.
  12. Object parameters downloading from the database has been optimized.
  13. Information about Server that synchronizes its time with other computers has been added to the core log.
  14. The name of MpegWritingQueueSize registry key has been changed into WritingQueueSize and this key has been adapted for all codecs.
  15. Users in the Archive Search tab of the Operator Protocol interface can now be filtered.
  16. Telemetry and PTZ control settings have been moved from the registry to the interface.
  17. Control over PTZ devices using joystick on the Client has been optimized.
  18. Events about start/stop transmitting audio from the mobile client have been added.
  19. IP wizard has been enhanced for creating embedded detection tools in configuration.
  20. Added check for restarting the system core under another Windows user.
  21. It is now possible to display GIF icons on the map.
  22. It is now possible to set Use device settings in IP wizard.
  23. The Ctrl+L key combination for activating PTZ control on the monitor has been added.
  24. It is now possible to simultaneously rotate and zoom when using a PTZ camera.
  25. The Region field has been enlarged in the object settings.
  26. The Home PTZ command has been added for Bosch cameras.
  27. The registry keys for setting ports to cameras that broadcast their streams in the multicast mode via RTSP server have been added.
  28. It is now possible to use numerical global variables while writing scripts.
  29. Information about cards without cryptochips can now be found in the About window.
  30. Added ability to show that an object has been added to the layer in the configuration tree in the map editor.
  31. It is now possible to undo the latest actions in the map editor.
  32. The button to force SMS sending has been added to the settings of the SMS object.
  33. It is now possible to use forensic archive search when the monitor gets live video feed from the camera.
  34. The algorithm to detect the network drive disconnect when storing video archive to it has been optimized.
  35. Added functionality of collecting log files to the support file in Monitoring system.
  36. The unused settings have been removed from the Web Server configuration window.
  37. The selected object is not only centered but it also blinks when enabling the Show object on map feature.
  38. It is now possible to overlay time/date on the video for SC590N4 cards.
  39. Sorting has been added to the object tree of the map editor.
  40. Information about memory used by the module is added to log files while storing errors.
  41. Video module logout algorithm has been optimized in configurations with a large number of cameras.
  42. Added the registry key enabling the algorithm to delete events from database not by total days, but starting on the current date.


  1. In 2016 an error related to displaying empty web server archive has been fixed. 
  2. Fixed error related to accessing archive in the Operator protocol interface when access to it is forbidden in the user rights.
  3. Fixed error of possible one-way connection between 2 system cores.  
  4. Fixed error causing interface lag during video export.
  5. Fixed video crashing while reading a corrupted video archive file.
  6. Fixed error of possible audio fragments loss when audio is recorded simultaneously with video. 
  7. Fixed error causing possible core crash when deleting the user if PC settings are changed on another computer.
  8. To prevent access problems as well as archive operation issues the caption length has been increased.
  9. Fixed error causing video module leak when operating multiple cameras with trackers.
  10. Fixed error of possible WEB Server 2.0 module crash.
  11. Fixed error causing possible core crash when accessing PC settings if the user is set by default. 
  12. Fixed error causing some AVI exported recordings to be unreadable when using K-Lite codecs.
  13. Fixed crashing of video module when adding captions containing some special characters.
  14. Fixed error causing event queues when the Visitor Management System shuts down unexpectedly on the client connected to this core.
  15. Fixed error caused by the “|” character in the additional info field when exporting the frame.
  16. Fixed error causing the Operator protocol module lag when special characters compose events. 
  17. Fixed error causing system restart after changing its architecture.
  18. Fixed crashing of video module when right-clicking the area on the monitor control panel.  
  19. Fixed error causing video module leak when working with the backup archive module.
  20. Fixed error causing video stream to not restore on some cameras if they are in the archive viewing mode when switching between virtual screens.  
  21. Fixed error related to video conversion without audio.
  22. Fixed error caused by incorrect hiding icons on the map.
  23. Fixed incorrect AdaptiveStream key operation.
  24. Fixed error of non-stop zooming when using PTZ device via Pelco-D-Sanyo protocol.
  25. Fixed error of creating video fragments with wrong number of frames in a part of the video archive.
  26. Fixed error preventing interface elements hiding when switching between virtual screens.
  27. Fixed errors and improved performance of the abandoned objects detection tool.
  28. Fixed error causing VMDA detection to not disarm.
  29. Issue with queue accumulation in large configurations has been resolved.
  30. Minor errors in video capture card drivers have been fixed.
  31. Fixed error caused by lack of captions on the video recording exported from the video monitor interface.
  32. Fixed error related to video stream decoding in ActiveX with non-standard window size.
  33. Incorrect support.exe operation when collecting x64 log files has been fixed.
  34. Fixed crashing of audio module while creating and configuring microphones has been fixed.
  35. Fixed error of synchronous playback of audio and video when the archive is on the NAS.
  36. Fixed problem that prevented listening to audio along with video in the archive if it is stored to another core.
  37. Fixed error related to extra camera streams self-starting.
  38. Fixed error causing x32-bit module to run when the Run x64-bit modules setting is selected.
  39. Fixed a video frame cutting error when there are non-standard settings on the video monitor.
  40. Fixed error causing SMS service failure when sending two messages within less than 10 seconds.
  41. Rare error that caused the video archive on the camera different from a required one to open in the Operator protocol interface.
  42. Fixed error of possible non-stop zooming when using PTZ via Panasonic-850 protocol.
  43. Fixed error of incorrect displaying user rights load percentage in the configuration interface.
  44. Fixed error preventing moving cameras within the video monitor. 
  45. Fixed error of possible short time video lag when arming or disarming cameras.
  46. Error preventing report creation by some object types in the Operator protocol interface object has been fixed.
  47. Fixed error related to object self-moving from one virtual folder to another.
  48. Fixed error causing non-update of the list of recordings while manually deleting one of them.   
  49. Fixed error related to increasing live video lagging when processor resources are not enough for decompression.  
  50. Fixed video module crashing when changing the External storage’s IP address.
  51. Empty virtual folders are not shown in the object tree of the map editor.
  52. Fixed video module crashing when deleting the video capture card (WS-216).
  53. Fixed error related to the archive depth displayed incorrectly in the web report system.
  54. A number of minor errors have been fixed and overall stability of the product has been improved.
  55. Localization packages have been improved and supplemented.
  56. Improvements to documentation have been made as well.
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