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  • New features and bug fixes in Intellect 4.9.5-4.9.6

Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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New features and improvements

  1. Intellect 4.9.5 includes the latest version of the Drivers Pack 3.2.30.
  2. Offline synchronization can now be disabled.
  3. Intellect DB index rebuilding process has been optimized.
  4. The No image caching setting has been added for the Map object. Now the icons do not disappear in case of overlay.
  5. Camera name can be specified in the command line of the converter tool in order to be displayed in the exported frame.
  6. New PTZ control feature has been added. The feature is enabled by default. The previously used feature can be enabled using the registry key.

  7. Event generated when quitting the system if Guardant dongle is disabled has been added.
  8. Process of sending events by the Captioner object has been optimized.
  9. The Use as client checkbox has been added to the settings in order to optimize the process of sending events in distributed configurations.


  1. High-speed PTZ control has been fixed.
  2. Error that caused the absence of files in the support pack has been fixed.
  3. Error that caused crashing of the Search by captions module when quitting it has been fixed.
  4. Error that caused period of archive export failure on 64-bit modules has been fixed.
  5. Error that caused archive deletion when using the Store at least __ days setting has been fixed.
  6. Error that caused crashing of video module during simultaneous backup archiving and loop recording has been fixed.
  7. Error that caused crashing of video module if export of archive period has been enabled when quitting the system has been fixed.
  8. Error that caused crashing of video module if camera settings were shown and displaying video was enabled when quitting the system has been fixed.
  9. Rare error that caused crashing of video module when quitting the system with cameras enabled for recording has been fixed.
  10. Rare error that caused crashing of video module when reconnecting camera in multistreaming mode has been fixed.
  11. Problem with archive depth query in the distributed configuration has been fixed.
  12. Fixed error that caused installer to continue connecting to SQL DB when incorrect password has been specified.
  13. Fixed error that caused connection to SQL DB using default settings even when login/password authentication has been selected while installing the product.
  14. Error that caused MO USB I/O 4x4 relay malfunctioning has been fixed.
  15. Error related to protocol loading on the telemetry control panel when connecting Client workstation to Server with no Telemetry controller object on it has been fixed.
  16. Incorrect system behaviour when creating folders has been fixed.
  17. Error related to telemetry module logging when using a joystick has been fixed.
  18. Error related to providing users without corresponding rights with access to cameras via interfaces using ActiveX has been fixed.
  19. Incorrect positioning in the archive using the Web Server has been fixed.
  20. Error related to malfunctioning of some cameras that transmit MJPEG video has been fixed.
  21. Incorrect functioning of some hot keys has been fixed.
  22. Fixed error that caused crashing of system core when deleting all user rights in case if Web Server object has been enabled.
  23. Malfunctioning of partial decompression of high-resolution video has been fixed.
  24. Errors related to configuring objects on the map have been fixed.
  25. A number of localization bugs have been fixed.
  26. A number of minor bugs have been fixed and product stability has been improved.
  27. The documentation has been updated.
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