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  • New features and bug fixes in Intellect 4.9.4

Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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New features and improvements

  1. Latest version of the Drivers Pack (3.2.28) for IP hardware has been included in Intellect 4.9.4.
  2. The iOS mobile client has been successfully updated to version 3.0.
  3. PTZ handling when controlled from the Monitor interface object has been improved.
  4. New ProcessFromSim registry key has been added to resolve an issue preventing receipt of events when using the HUAWEI E173 modem.
  5. Default value of the JoysticThreshold registry key has been changed from 1 to 5 to better track joystick edge positions.
  6. Error in the zoom stop command on some PTZ units has been fixed.
  7. Default value of the FLUSH_TIMER_TIMEOUT registry key has been changed from 250 to 10 in order to reduce event response time. Increasing this value may improve system performance but extend event response times.
  8. PTZ control has been added to the active monitor.
  9. Events with audio alerts: dependency on the Event viewer interface has been removed.
  10. The maximum allowed length of the IP address field for the Video Capture Device object has been increased to fit RTSP connection strings.
  11. System performance during multithreaded event processing has been improved.
  12. Stream settings are now inactive when multistreaming is disabled.
  13. Camera brightness, saturation, and contrast settings are now maintained after codec changes.
  14. Cameras forbidden by a user's rights are no longer streamed to web clients, including the iOS client.


  1. Rare error preventing connections with the system core in case of computer names exceeding 15 characters has been fixed.
  2. Error displaying incorrect number of events when filtering by days has been fixed.
  3. Error causing appearance of a computer with empty ID in the configuration tree after use of the CTRL+V keyboard shortcut has been fixed.
  4. Error when changing the name of a file to be exported in converter.exe has been fixed.
  5. Playback speed was displayed incorrectly in converter.exe; this has been fixed.
  6. Issue causing instability of the Operator protocol when configured on a system with many objects has been fixed.
  7. Rare error that caused system settings not to be hidden when running Intellect as a service has been fixed.
  8. Error reducing fps during export of high-resolution MJPEG video in the RTSP server module has been fixed.
  9. Error potentially causing non-display of settings of the Monitor of FishEye cameras object has been fixed.
  10. Crashing of video module during reconnections in multistreaming mode has been fixed.
  11. Placement of captions in the comments field in the Operator protocol interface has been fixed.
  12. Possible instability related to use of MotionWavelet 7.1 in the 64-bit version of the video module has been fixed.
  13. Error in drawing all Monitor interface objects for a single Screen when slideshow mode is enabled for a Monitor has been fixed.
  14. Dialog warning of DDI/DBI file incompatibility shown on launch of ddi.exe has been removed.
  15. Error in display of camera badge and context menu on the Monitor interface object on client workstations has been fixed.
  16. Error in adjusting the Videogate setting of the RTSP server object when configuring a large number of cameras has been fixed.
  17. Malfunctioning of the ArchHours registry key has been fixed.
  18. Crashing of the video module when using SC590N4 cards has been fixed.
  19. Incompatibility of ActiveX components with earlier versions of the product has been fixed.
  20. Delayed display of camera video in the Monitor interface object when fast-forwarding one camera has been fixed.
  21. Periodic disconnection of cameras on remote workstations on systems with a large number of objects has been fixed.
  22. Error causing failure of third stream for RTSP video devices has been fixed.
  23. Jerkiness on remote workstations when viewing live video has been fixed.
  24. Crashing when accessing the operating archive on high-load systems has been fixed.
  25. A number of minor errors have been fixed and overall stability of the product has been improved.
  26. Improvements to documentation have been made as well.


  1. The ability to launch the product while disabling an extra configuration, when such configuration does not match its key file, has been removed.
  2. Issues affecting the ability to access archive video from the iOS client may occur due to changes in Russian time zones. These issues are due to discrepancies in how Windows and Java handle time zones. The inconsistency is only indirectly related to Intellect and will be solved in the next official Java release. As a temporary workaround, quit Intellect and perform the following actions:
    1. Update Java to the latest version from the official website
    2. Download the update tzdata2014i.1.4.9, or newer, for Java time zones (see the official site for details
    3. Update Java time zones with the help of tzdata2014i.1.4.9. To do this, you must:
      1. Copy tzupdater.jar to the folder JRE_HOME /bin (where JRE_HOME represents your Java install directory).
      2. In the command line, run the following command with administrator rights:
        java -jar tzupdater.jar -u -v
        If the update is successful, you will view a message: "Time zone data update is complete ".
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